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Gastric ByPass Testimonial from Sam T to Tullia Law

Testimonial to Tullia Law Gastric-Bypass-surgery

Dated 25 Feb 2011

Hi Tullia

Just a few words to thank you for all your help and support towards my Gastric By-pass surgery.

I had the surgery on 25/10/2010 with a pre-op weight of 269lbs and now weigh 215 lbs on 24/02/2011.

Before the surgery I was Type 1 diabetic using 300+ units of Insulin and 2000mg of Metformin daily to try and control my Diabetes, without much success I may add.

Since the day of the operation I have not needed any Insulin at all and only use up to 1000g (2 tablets) of Metformin, this alone justifies wholly the operation never mind the added bonus of losing weight..being a lot to now buy clothes off the peg and knowing they will probably fit (well mostly, still some strange sizes out there lol)

I cannot praise the medical care I received enough in Belguim, the surgeons and medical staff could not do any more to make me feel at ease before and after surgery, even to the point of visits to my hotel after leaving hospital and phone calls when I returned home....try getting that with Private care (in the UK) never mind the NHS in the UK.

Tullia Law alone deserves special praise for supporting me and organising everything despite having a very personal bereavement during the time leading up to my operation.

Due to my bank 'losing' my initial fund transfer I ended up having to pay twice to ensure my desired date was booked and have to thank Tullia for the prompt repayment to my account as soon as the missing money turned up in their account ( 2 weeks much for banking efficiency ).

In short my experience has been very favourable and have no reservations recommending this to anyone.

Best regards

Sam T
(full name and address supplied)

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Posted By:- Geoff Lord


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Gastric Band Surgery Enquiries Increase in Belgium

Many private health clinics in Belgium are receiving an increase in requests for information for obesity surgery such as gastric band surgery and gastric bypass surgery from people in many parts of the UK and Ireland since the UK Government recently announced it was considering cutting back on these types of surgery to save money for the NHS.

It is assumed that this was due to the recent increase in publicity on the cutbacks, and in particular with respect to Obesity and the effect that it has on people’s lives in general. Another possibility for the increase in request from the UK could also be because of the lengthy waiting time for gastric band surgery on the NHS in many parts of the UK.


With the increased ease of access from most areas of the UK, it now makes it perfectly acceptable and cost effective to travel to Belgium at a reasonable cost.

Many of the hospitals which specialise in gastric band surgery and other types of obesity surgery in Belgium are in convenient locations close to airports or rail networks. This means that travelers are able to use a variety of methods of transport, and because many local area airports in the UK now offer direct flights to airports in Belgium this has become especially attractive. There are also many hospitals and Clinics in Belgium, especially in the Brussels area,

Because of this new ease of access to Belgium and other European Cities visitors can benefit from the lower costs of obesity surgery in offered in Belgium, with Gastric Bands Surgery and Gastric by-pass Surgery being the most popular choices.

We also discovered that most of the Medical and Professional Qualifications of the Obesity surgeons who carry out these procedures in Belgium are also registered to practice in the UK.  Belgian Hospitals also Benefits from what is considered by many to be one of the best Health Care Service providers in the Western World.

Gastric Band Surgery in Belgium Sees increase in Enquiries from

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