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Gastric Band Surgery lap band operation in Belgium
Gastric Band surgery Video This is a laparoscopic Adjustable Gastric Banding procedure, Every day we help people to lose weight..permenantly, and save thousands of £'s too. Gastric Band Surgery cost less at our Specialist Gastric Band Surgery Gastric bypass and Obesity Clinics in Belgium.

Easy access and all After Care at Convenient Locations in UK
*All of our Surgeons in Belgium are Registered with British Medical Council*

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Gastric Band testimonial from Giovanna for Tullia Law

Gastric Lap Band Surgery Testimonials for Tullia Law

Testimonial from Giovanna For Tullia Law

posted 29 june 2011

Dear Tullia

I am now 11 days post op and this is the best thing I have ever done.

I was very sceptical of tansferring such a large amount of money up front but I need not have worried at all.

Tulia arranged everything for me and has been there every step of the way with phone calls before and after my gastric band surgery.

The hotel and hospital were all brilliant.

I went on my own and spent a day in Bruges (a short train ride away) taking in the sights the day before my op as I was a little bit nervous. The shoping certainly took my mind off things.

There is slight discomfort afterwards but that to be expected after any operation.

11 days on I am pain-free and am on my way to a slimmer and happier me.

If you are thinking about arranging this through Tulia, I hope I have reassured you.

If in doubt, you can call me.

Thank you Tulia for making everything go so smoothly for me.

Giovanna S
(full name and address supplied)

Posted By:- Geoff Lord

At Laser Clinics (France) Ltd We specialise in providing useful advice about Gastric Band Surgery and other Cosmetic Surgery procedures and our websites include a handy BMI calculator. Check your BMI to see if you qualify for weight loss surgery.

For further Free information and advice on gastric banding surgery and other obesity surgery options visit our resource and information site at: Gastric Band Information

Gastric Band Testimonial from Sandra R for Tullia Law

Testimonial for Tullia Law

dated 29 March 2011

It struck me that I tend to be gullible and that I possibly threw away hard-earned and needed money on a clever scam.

My trepidation continued until my final arrival in Belgium towards the end of March.

I was very pleasantly surprised indeed!!

From the first Tullia had been very understanding about my concerns and called me personally on numerous occassions to touch base-something a fraudster would certainly NOT do after the money was already in their bank account!!

The taxi-drivers went out of their way to accomodate me as did everyone upon my arrival. The hotel was clean, modern and sympathetic and the hospital was state of the art.

I am safely back home and am exceedingly grateful for the high level of care before, during and even now in terms of the follow-up care.

You are in very safe hands!!

Good luck .

Sandra R

(Full Name and address and supplied)

Posted By:- Geoff Lord


Our website’s specialise in providing useful information about Gastric Band Surgery and includes a handy BMI calculator. Check your BMI to see if you qualify for weight losssurgery.

For further ‘Free information’ and advice on gastric banding surgery and other obesity surgery options visit our resource and information site at: Gastric Band Information

Gastric Band Testimonial From Kim for Tullia Law

For Tullia Law of

From Kim
dated 25 Feb 2011

My name is Kim and my starting weight prior to getting my Gastric Band fitted was 22.5 stone.

I made the decision after some internet research to go with the French Cosmetic Surgery group (Lazer Clinics (France Ltd). Although the cost was very attractive I was still very anxious going abroad for such a procedure.

After making contact with Tullia Law I was given the name of the surgeon and was able to check on his registration with the British Medical Board, I was also given dozens of names of people all over the United Kingdom and Ireland who had been through the procedure and I was able to contact them to discuss my concerns and ask questions.

Tullia provided me with information with regards to the pre arrangements i.e. travel, hotels, hospital and cost, every thing was easy to read and in English.

However, the big hurdle for me once I decided to go ahead was the money as I was to forward my money ahead of the surgery. I contacted a number of people to discuss this and they reassured me that it was fine and they had initially had the same anxieties. In the end I had to make a personal decision ‘is it worth the risk?’ I took the plunge and decided to go for it.

I was once again provided with straight forward English instructions and talked through the process with Tullia, once the money was transferred it was a matter of waiting on my hospital appointment. I was given details of dates and times etc. for my stay at the hospital. Once I arrived as directed, everything was very professional, straight forward and all completed in English.

I have no complaints about the quality of the hospital, doctors, the care I received or the process, in fact it was all to a very high standard. On leaving the hospital I was provided with comprehensive written information in English.

My only regret is I wish I had done it years ago as my weight at present is now 11.5 stone and I feel the best I have done in 20 years.

(full name and address supplied but not displayed)

Comment from Tullia Law Lazer Clinics France (Ltd)

Well done Kim on your amazing weight loss since your gastric band surgery. We are happy to have been of assistance to you and wish you well for the future. We also thank you for your kind words.

Tullia Law

Gastric Band Surgery Enquiries Increase in Belgium

Many private health clinics in Belgium are receiving an increase in requests for information for obesity surgery such as gastric band surgery and gastric bypass surgery from people in many parts of the UK and Ireland since the UK Government recently announced it was considering cutting back on these types of surgery to save money for the NHS.

It is assumed that this was due to the recent increase in publicity on the cutbacks, and in particular with respect to Obesity and the effect that it has on people’s lives in general. Another possibility for the increase in request from the UK could also be because of the lengthy waiting time for gastric band surgery on the NHS in many parts of the UK.


With the increased ease of access from most areas of the UK, it now makes it perfectly acceptable and cost effective to travel to Belgium at a reasonable cost.

Many of the hospitals which specialise in gastric band surgery and other types of obesity surgery in Belgium are in convenient locations close to airports or rail networks. This means that travelers are able to use a variety of methods of transport, and because many local area airports in the UK now offer direct flights to airports in Belgium this has become especially attractive. There are also many hospitals and Clinics in Belgium, especially in the Brussels area,

Because of this new ease of access to Belgium and other European Cities visitors can benefit from the lower costs of obesity surgery in offered in Belgium, with Gastric Bands Surgery and Gastric by-pass Surgery being the most popular choices.

We also discovered that most of the Medical and Professional Qualifications of the Obesity surgeons who carry out these procedures in Belgium are also registered to practice in the UK.  Belgian Hospitals also Benefits from what is considered by many to be one of the best Health Care Service providers in the Western World.

Gastric Band Surgery in Belgium Sees increase in Enquiries from

Gastric band surgery at Article Content King

There is a new article posted all about Gastric band, to be a little more specific it is entitled Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve?

It is a very Interesting articles which was written by Geoff Lord who just happens to be the manager of this Blog.

Go check it out, it is a very good article and well worth reading if you want to learn about the main differences between the three main types of weight loss surgery.

You will find the article here

Gastric Bypass: A Man-Made Solution to a Man-Made Problem Posted By : Maxwell Gould

Obesity is as old as time itself and for many obesity is caused by medical or genetic problems. In today's world, however, the alarming increase in the rate of obesity is very much a man-made problem, fired in part by the availability, and popularity, of the gastric bypass.

Advances in surgical techniques, not least the arrival of laparoscopic procedures, have made the gastric bypass a much simpler and more acceptable solution to the problem of obesity. What is more, the profile of the gastric bypass has been raised substantially in recent years helped in no small way by the number of celebrities choosing this method of weight loss.

The list of famous people following this route is long and includes the coach of the Notre Dame football team Charlie Weiss, the footballer Diego Maradona, the musician and harmonica virtuoso John Popper and the rock singer Randy Jackson to name just a few.

But why is obesity on the increase and is it truly a problem of our own making?

Despite the fact that there was a slight rise in the rate of obesity following world War II, the last twenty five years have seen a major growth in obesity, particularly in the USA. The precise reason for this is not known and there is fairly wide disagreement about the cause, but here are just a few reasons over which there is general agreement.

1. We are far less active as a society preferring to watch our favorite sport instead of getting out and playing the game ourselves and this is the majority of true amongst people who are overweight. perhaps more interestingly, if you lower the calorie intake for overweight people they do not become more active and if you raise the calorie intake for lean people they do not become less active. Weight loss, or gain, has little effect on a person's level of activity, but that person's level of activity does affect his weight.

2. Marketing today is highly sophisticated, if not subliminal, and this is particularly true in the world of fast and convenience foods. In addition, a large number of restrictions were removed for advertising made for children during the Reagan years and many of these restrictions covered such things as sweets and fast foods.

3. We are increasingly becoming a nation of two income households which means that people are now cooking far less at home. The number of people choosing home delivered meals, opting for fast food take out or frequenting their local restaurant has grown dramatically in recent years.

4. Trade subsidies negotiated during the past twenty five years have greatly cut the relative cost of food, not least that of sugar and sugar syrup. This in turn means that we now consume a lot more than we previously did.

5. Despite the present discussion over oil prices, the car is no longer considered a luxury and the two car family has become the norm. We do not think twice now about jumping into the car for even the shortest of journeys and many people wouldn't even consider walking down to the shop at the end of the street.

6. Strangest of all perhaps is the effect that the craze for diet and exercise has had on the rise in obesity. We have become obsessed with dieting and many people diet as frequently as they change their clothes. Unfortunately it's the case that most diets fail and, following a diet, it is common for your weight to rise to a level even higher than it was before you started. This pattern of falling and rising weight over time usually results in a steady underlying increase in weight towards obesity.

Each one of the factors mentioned here not only add to the growth in obesity but is also clearly made-made.

Now certainly gastric bypass provides one possible solution. However, even though the procedure is much simpler than it used to be and is gaining in popularity, it remains far from a pleasant experience and is not without its risks.

For those people who are obese today gastric bypass presents an excellent solution to their problem. For our children and grandchildren however perhaps the answer lies in preventing obesity rather than sitting back and waiting for the problem to arrive before resorting to gastric bypass surgery.

By: Maxwell Gould

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Tummytuck can produce some awe...

Tummytuck can produce some awesome and superb results. Check our offers out >>

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