It is unusual for gastric band patients to experience any nutritional deficiencies or malabsorbtion of micronutrients. Gastric dumping syndrome issues also do not commonly occur with gastric band surgery since no intestines are removed or re-routed.

Weight regain is possible with ANY weight loss procedures including the more radical procedures that initially result in rapid weight loss. World Health Organisation recommendation for monthly weight loss is ½ to 1 kilograms per week and banded patient may lose this, however this is very variable, and in accordance with the individual, their personal circumstances, their motivational attitude and their personal mobility.

A commonly reported occurrence for banded patients is regurgitation of non-acidic swallowed food from the upper pouch. This commonly known as Productive Burping. If the Banded Patient experiences this regularly, then they should consider eating less, eating much slower and chewing their food much more thoroughly. If However this does not solve the problem then medical advice should be obtained from your Practitioner.

Occasionally the narrow passage into the larger/lower part of the stomach may become blocked by a large portion of un-chewed or unsuitable food. If this occurs regularly then adjustments to your diet should be considered, and your Practitioner or dietician should be consulted.

Ulceration Gastritis Erosion - the band can on very rare occasions wear and aggravate a small area on the outside of the stomach which can then, in extreme cases, lead to migration of the band to the inside the stomach. This however is a very rare occurrence and usually warning signs are noticed well in advance this ever happening.

Slippage of the gastric band is an unusual occurrence where the lower part of the stomach may prolapse over the band and cause an obstruction. Once again however this a very rare occurrence and warning signs are usually noticed well beforehand.

Psychological effects of any weight loss procedure also should be considered. Many Patients have been Obese for Long periods of time prior to surgery, and overeating has become a natural part of their lives, therefore sudden changes to diet and lifestyle can have adverse affects on the Patient.