3 Tips On Why Exercise Helps You Lose Weight Fast


Exercise needs to be an important part of your life for three reasons

Exercise helps you lose weight

You can go on an x, y or z diet and you may even lose weight on it. However, losing weight by dieting alone can lead to lose skin and poor muscle tone.

And when you do stop your diet and go back to your 'normal' foods, you will put on even more weight than before. Exercise helps you burn fat fast.

Exercise helps you lose weight while building muscle. If you are only 20 pounds overweight, you can lose the weight through diet alone, but most of it will be water weight that is lost.

You will also need to eat less. Adding exercise to your diet program will result in more calorie burning power for weight loss.

You will achieve fitness much quicker.

Exercise helps keep illness at bay

Regular exercise increases immunity and keep you from falling prey to irritating illnesses like colds, coughs and headaches. Energized routines such as a cardio workout also benefits your heart.

It also helps a great deal in lowering bad cholesterol levels, diabetes, high blood pressure and aids in digestive disorders. Exercise has beneficial effects against deadly diseases like stroke and cancer as well. It also helps you lose weight fast.

As exercise increases the feel good endorphins in the brain, it helps in lowering stress levels as well as the physical and mental problems associated with increased stress, including depression and anxiety and phobias.

Exercise helps you look good

Exercise makes you sweat and a good work out opens the pores. It does wonders for your skin and so helps you actually look good.

Exercise also helps in building collagen and makes you look younger, slowing the onset of wrinkles. And when you look good you get compliments which boost your self esteem.

When you exercise outdoors whether it is in the morning or evening you are getting even more benefits. There's no substitute for fresh air when it comes to clearing toxins out of your lungs.

Sunshine also gives a nice healthy glow (when protection is used) and gives us a generous helping of Vitamin D.

So what are you waiting for? Good exercise will help you burn fat fast and make you feel great. Incorporate exercise into your life today don't wait for tomorrow.


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