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To:-  Tullia Law

Senior C0-ordinator

I took my daughter to belgium for a gastric band operation.. It was co-ordinated by Tulia Law of the french cosmetic surgery group. Everyhing went like clockwork. we had no problems in travelling and the hospital was only about 1 mile from the hotel so I could walk back and forward to visit. The hotel was the type used for conferences so I had no-one to talk to whilst my daughter was away from me..

The hospital was superb I had no qualms about leaving her there, This is a proper hospital not a little clinic,and the staff were so kind.

The Surgeon was a lovely man he made us feel like my daughter was as important to him as she was to me I can thoroughly recommend him as a surgeon for this procedure and he will be the one I take her to for the tummy tuck when she's finished losing the weight.

One thing I would say to anyone going for this operation, When you get back to the airport to come home get help a wheelchair or the little truck because the walk to the gate is quite long when you are feeling vulnerable, my daughter wouldn't and she regretted it.

She's lost six and a half stones and has changed her lifestyle completely. We're just sorry we didn't do it years ago. She had no vomiting or side effects she stuck to what the clinic told her to and came through it wonderfully.

She has had 2 fills but feels that she can manage herself better now....Although she IS still being naughty eating chocolate.....It is to a much smaller degree than before..


We were pointed in the right direction by FRENCH COSMETIC SURGERY. I hope this recommendation gives you the confidence in this company that you need. We would go with them again..Brenda (mum of Janice)


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