Gastric Band Testimonial Andy B

Gastric Band Surgery Testimonials from Andy B for Tullia Law

Testimonial from Andy B For Tullia Law

posted 1 N ov 2011

I have had my gastric band fitted now for 2 weeks and apart from some post operational soreness the process was very acceptable.

All the taxi`s were on time and the hotel was very clean and in a nice location.

Many worried that I was travelling abroad for such a procedure but, having researched this as much as possible, I was content that it was the most cost effective route to take.

I have no complaints at all.

So far 1st 3lbs has vanished from me, with no feelings of emptiness at all and strangely no cravings. Even sitting down to the table with my family this week who were eating a Sunday roast and I abowl of soup, did not bother me, so it does show how that something has been triggered and I can only hope for continual weight loss in the coming months.

I would say to all those considering the procedure in Belgium, do it, there was no concerns thrown up at all.

Andy B
Full Name and address supplied

Posted By:- Geoff Lord

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  • Geoff Lord says:

    Thanks for the super testimonial Andy B. Its very much appreciated and all of the staff were happy to have been able to help you. We wish you the best of Luck in your Weight Loss Journey.

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