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Jeffrey Epstein Reconstructive Surgery

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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is really a world-famous reconstructive surgeon on face and hair procedures. He is often interviewed by the media and his youtube videos of his surgical procedures are viewed by lots of people, but the most important aspect is the fact that he possess the correct credentials as a surgeon. A good number of fake doctors adorn their walls with fake diplomas and certificates most of which are forgeries but Dr. Epstein, on the other hand, is the Founder and Director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration has much more than 15 years of experience as proof of his competence. He also has certifications in hair restoration surgery and Otolaryngology.

Dr Jeffrey Epstein also devotes his time to philanthropic work, where he provides pro-bono reconstructive surgery to kids and other people of require.

Jeffrey Epstein, although world famous for his hair transplants, also is unique for his abilities as a facial and body plastic surgeon. He often fixes those poorly constructed jobs, where well-meaning, but naive patients saw doctors not skilled in the art of rhinoplasty surgery. For example, Jeffrey saw a teen who had twenty years earlier, a rhinoplasty surgical operation on her nose, which she was unhappy with. The surgery failed to give out the results that the client wanted and instead it made the situation worse. Suffering for years with this nose, she undertook revisionist rhinoplasty surgery by Jeffery Epstein, in a ninety-minute procedure, which completely changed her attitude about her nose. During the surgery the excess cartilage was removed, the existing bone and cartilage are sculpted and then a little amount of ear cartilage was used to be able to reinforce the tip cartilage to be able to come with a well defined nasal tip. Her smile told Jeffrey Epstein everything. The 90 minute process restored all the self-confidence she lost.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein specializes within the following procedures: revision rhinoplasty/septorhinoplasty, facelifting and neck-lifting, otoplasty, brow-lifting, and blepharoplasty.
Dr Epstein is also recognized for his exemplary work in hair transplants and skin grafting, and is globally recognized as one of the leaders in this field.

You can drop be his offices at Miami and New York, he also accepts consultations on a regular basis at Boca Raton and Tampa, Florida. For patients located in New York, his full-time associate Yael Halaas, M.D., FACS can accommodate them in their New York Office. Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, Dr Halaas' has a special interest in facial plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures such as such as non-surgical facial fillers and laser treatments. Please take a look at Jeffrey Epstein's internet site for more info and obtainable schedules.

How you can Boost the benefits and Decrease the Pitfalls of one's Smart Lipo

Recent activities have brought on the fore that smart lipo is a treatment that carries with it specific dangers. A Spanish beauty surgeon was just lately sentenced to a single yr in prison for that lipo associated death of the former 1st lady of Nigeria. It's simple to uncover photos around the web of less significant, but nevertheless unsightly issues of cosmetic surgery. With all of this facts circling, potential lipoplasty clients desire to know what the pitfalls of liposuction are and what the most beneficial means of keeping away from them is.

Essentially the most critical complication that will arise in any surgical treatment is obviously dying. Despite the fact that demise as being a consequence of smartlipo is uncommon, it does occasionally occur. Having said that, you'll find some things that you just can perform to make this modest opportunity of fatality even more compact. One particular point which you are capable of doing is always to pick a lipoplasty center that wont use general anesthetic. Problems with anesthesia account for a number of deaths, not only within just beauty surgery treatment, but in the total field of surgery. Thankfully, most liposuction surgical procedures available right now are carried out under neighborhood anesthetic. This each reduces the danger of anesthetic related problems and permits for patients and medical professionals to possess a dialogue even although the surgical procedure is ongoing.

Probably the most critical issue that you simply are capable of doing to optimize your safety for the duration of your smartlipo would be to choose an experienced and fully certified surgeon. This may decrease the probabilities of each severe and minor problems. From the case talked about above, the woman's death was caused by negligence and lack of cautiousness. In the course of the smart lipo, the doctor accidentally inserted the cannula which had been used to suction out excess extra fat to the woman's stomach cavity, perforating her liven and colon five times. While even the best surgeons can make errors, it's ideal to go with an individual who has lots of expertise, and who's extremely experienced. In matters like this, you don't want your body inside incorrect fingers.

Getting a competent surgeon will also help you obtain superior results, which will be the reason that you just could be receiving a liposuction within the initial spot. Skilled surgeons know how you can optimize your appearance. The greater your surgeon is, the superior your chances are of getting astounding final results even though avoiding issues of scarring, unnatural appearance or tissue harm.

A single further point that you just really should do is make certain to complete enough study. You'll find lots of diverse types of laserlipo out there, and also the kinds of problems that they carry with them are various. Some forms are licensed by the FDA, others are not. Before you determine to get a major medical procedures, require some time to generate certain you genuinely know what you are choosing. Know the feasible risks and also have practical expectations concerning the outcomes. Probabilities are, you will possess a superior encounter if you arrive in, and you will get much better outcomes.

One last point that any individual considering liposuction ought to do should be to merely live healthily. The healthier your physique is proceeding into medical procedures, the more healthy it'll be coming out, as well as the much more quickly it can be able to offer with and heal from difficulties. Consume a balanced, nicely balanced diet plan, exercise regularly. Reduce back on alcohol, and quit smoking altogether. In case you do these details, you can increase the benefits and minimize the problems of the smartlipo.

Is The Gastric Balloon an alternative for the Gastric Band?

Gastric band or gastric balloon?

There are many occasions when people want to lose weight, or need to lose weight for medical reasons who can not qualify for gastric band or gastric sleeve operations because they have a BMI below 35.  It is now possible however for those people to elect for a gastric balloon.

What is a gastric balloon?
An Intragastric Balloon is a non-surgical operation which is designed to help people to lose weight when they have a BMI below the normal threshold for gastric band surgery. The procedure involves inserting a non-fixed saline solution filled silicone balloon in to stomach. This has the effect of reducing the eating capacity and calorie intake of the person. Initially, whilst the patients is under a minimal dose of anaesthetic the gastric balloon is introduced to the stomach through the oesophagus in a deflated condition. Once the surgeon is happy that the balloon is correctly placed inside the somach it is filled with the solution. This whole process takes around 20-30 minutes.

When can the Gastric Balloon be fitted?
They can be fitted to people with a BMI between 27 and 35 who need to lose  betwen 10-15kg reasonably quickly. The fitting of a gastric balloon is also suitable in cases where the person does not want to undergo surgery for medical or other reasons.  Normally gastric band surgery is only offered to patients with a BMI of Over 35, however, for some people who need to lose weight for medical or other social problems they can now have this alternative fitted. The person must be suitably motived to be able to follow a strict diet regime following surgery.

What are the benefits of the gastric balloon over the gastric Band?
The benefits of this type of surgery is the lower cost when compared to the more expensive full surgical procedures such as the gastric band or the gastric sleeve.  The gastric balloon typically remains inside the stomach for approximately 6 months. The targeted weight loss is generally expected to be in the region of 10-15kg. Pateints are then expected to maintain at least a further 6 months weight loss program following the removal.

Find Out If Surgery is Your Best Option to Lose Weight

Do you want to lose weight?  If you are, there is a good chance that you have heard of weight loss surgery before. Weight loss surgery is how many individuals lose weight.  Although weight loss surgery has helped thousands of Americans lose weight, improve their appearance, and improve their health, weight loss surgery may not be for you.

When it comes to determining if weight loss surgery is right for you, there are a number of factors that you will need to take into consideration. One of the factors to consider is the present weight of a person.  Most of the time, you will find that weight loss surgeons require their patients to be at least eighty pounds overweight.  If you are not as overweight as recommend, you may not even be able to undergo a weight loss surgery.  If that is the case, you should keep in mind that there are a number of different weight loss approaches that you can take.

Speaking of alternative weight loss methods, have you tried any other approaches?Dieting and exercise often suffice to help one achieve their weight loss goal.There are many people considering surgery as their option to lose weight but only as a last recourse. You could achieve losing weight without having to spend the extra cost for paying expensive surgical procedures such as gastric by-pass and lap band surgery.

Another factor that you should take into consideration, when determining if weight loss surgery is right for you, is your health.  If you are overweight, have you been noticing any other health problems or has your doctor outlined the importance of losing weight for your health?You may not have a choice when it comes to going through a weight loss surgery when this occurs. For some individuals, weight loss surgery is, literally, lifesaving.

As it was previously mentioned, two popular weight loss surgeries include gastric bypass surgery and lap-band surgery. While there additional weight loss surgeries that you can undergo, these two are the most popular ones.  The surgery that you would like to undergo is also important when determining whether or not weight loss surgery is your best option. It is notable that going through a bypass surgery involves the use of adjustable bands while there is the stapling of the stomach when a gastric by-pass technology is undertaken. When deciding which weight loss surgery you should undergo, your decision will need to be made in conjunction with a healthcare professional.

When examining weight loss surgeries, you will find that most surgeries reduce the stomach pouch size. For that reason, your ability to follow all instructions given to you is important. After undergoing a weight loss surgery, like lap-band surgery or gastric bypass surgery, your healthcare professional will likely request that you develop yourself an fat loss exercise plan, as well as eat healthy.  It is important that you follow all advice given to you. The reduction of stomach pouch involved in the surgery may be dangerous and can be detrimental to your weight loss program.

The mentioned factors will provide an overview on how it may help you weigh whether surgical option is good for you. Just take a note that although surgery is not a single option to lose weight, you can always explore its benefits.

Five Super Easy Weight Loss Ideas

Weight loss is a subject that everybody is forever talking about. It seems you can’t go anyplace without seeing or hearing some kind of weight loss message. Stories of the health risks of not losing weight are seen repeatedly on the nightly news. Retail outlets and the Worldwide web together are full of weight loss books and products. Losing weight is talked about in medical centers and even at schools and even in the work place. If you’re trying to drop added weight, here are a couple tips to get you going.

Tip #1 – Stop Talking About Losing Weight and Just Do It!

All that chatter about how greatly you desire to lose weight isn’t going to make the pounds melt off by themselves. You have got to take action, beginning right at this moment. So take this simple guidance: Finish moving your jaws and initiate moving your body! It will not take long to begin seeing the desired results.

Tip #2 – Slow and Steady is Best

Slow and steady weight loss is better (and safer) than riding the dieting roller coaster. If you’re looking for long-lasting weight loss results, aim to lose an average of about two pounds each week. In order to lose weight you’ve got to consume fewer calories than you burn. As an additional benefit, when you join dieting with working out, you will be reducing your caloric consumption and increasing your caloric burn rate at the same time.

Tip #3 – Save Your Money

Do not squander your hard-earned riches on the latest weight loss fads. Pills, fad diets, hypnosis, and intense surgical procedures are definitely not the solution! These fads will not make you lose weight, but they will stuff the bank accounts of those people who endorse them! Consuming a diet that consists of fruits, vegetables, good fats and lean proteins will encourage weight loss faster than any of those fads that you can purchase.

Tip #4 – Change Your Habits For Good

Unfortunately, the matter of weight is something that nearly all people will struggle with all the way through life. Excessively processed foods and a deskbound lifestyle are the two main contributing factors to this constant struggle. If you want to lose extra weight and keep it off, you have got to alter the way you have always thought about food. It should be considered a source of fuel, not a hobby. Triumphant weight loss in truth is about making lifestyle changes, including choosing the right foods, and after that sticking to those choices throughout life.

Tip #5 – Losing Weight is About More Than Numbers

When you’re dieting, don’t become a victim of the dreaded scale. When the scale is showing progress it will make you happy. But when the numbers stay the same or go up, it is easy to feel like you are failing and quit. Remember that even if your weight isn’t changing as you would like, your body is. You’ll be taking better care of your heart. You will be lowering your cholesterol levels. You will have a leaner body and your outfits will begin fitting a lot more comfortably. When you learn to find enjoyment in these added benefits, you will continue on your diet!

For more information on how to lose fat, gain muscle, and find out how to get abs check out this site - How To Get A Six Pack

Top 50 Surgery Blogs

A budding or practicing surgeon can learn from classes as well as from previous patients, peer-reviewed journal articles and from blogs written by talented, angry and even ’slightly demented’ surgeons. This is why we included all the above in our list of top fifty surgery blogs below, which is categorized by various surgical procedures from bone specialties to dentistry. The blogs we chose came from the front pages of search engines as well as from links from other top surgery sites.

Each blog within the categories is listed in alphabetical order by blog title. This method shows our readers that we do not favor one blog over another. All blogs were updated within December 2009.

You will our own Blog is featured on this list under the Plastic Surgery sub heading

there are also many other usefull links on the Blog so I am happy to post this Link on my Blag for your interest.

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