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Testimonial from Bob H to Tullia Law

To:-  Tullia Law
Senior Co-ordinator

Dear Tullia Law

Thanks for all of the assistance that you have shown me. I really appreciated you "holding my hand" through the decision I made to have the Gastric band fitted. I am now 3 1/2  months on from the band being fitted and I firmly believe I made the right decision.

The day of the band fitting I weighed in at just over 19st.

Today I weigh 16st 2lb.

I have felt that the loss to date was painless. The hardest part for me has been the re-education of my eating habits as my brain has found it hard to adjust to my stomachs new size. But I am getting there slowly.

Only another 3 stone to go!!

Furthermore I would like to praise the aftercare I have received from Chris Deprez. As I explained to you prior to surgery,  I spend most my time out of the UK due to business therefore I was concerned about how I would get my fills.

Chris has been totally flexible and has organised fills for me around my schedule.

The fills themselves are totally painless. I enjoy meeting up with Chris who treats you as a friend and puts you totally at ease.

I have enclosed for you the picture that kick started my desire to take drastic action.

I will send you an after photo in the next couple of weeks.

Kind regards


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