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Gastric Sleeve Benefits

Gastric sleeve surgery

The benefits of  a Gastric Sleeve surgery  is weight loss,  which is ideal for anyone who has a body mass index (BMI) of 35 or above. It is seen as more of a minor surgery than having a gastric band fitted, as there are less changes to the body’s digestive system.

When undergoing bariatric surgery there are many benefits for this type of weight loss surgery.  One of the most popular benefits is a faster recovery time as a laparoscopic technique is used when fitting a gastric sleeve, which is minimally invasive so recovery time is shorter and less time is needed in hospital.

Studies show that expenses related to bariatric surgery are reduced as with weight loss many health issues are linked such as diabetes and high cholesterol.  But due to the weight loss these problems may be reduced so money will be saved on prescriptions as well as hospital and doctors visits.

Another study has found that 50% of patients who had gastric sleeve surgery lost their sweet cravings after a year then after 3 years 23% remained to still have lost their sweet cravings. In addition to this the study found that a hunger regulating hormone, ghrelin, was significantly reduced.

The most obvious benefit would be the improvement of quality of life, patients feel better as they can do more physical activities and have more self confidence than they did before.

As you can see there are many benefits, but before undergoing gastric sleeve surgery it is important to discuss your options with your doctor to make sure this is the right choice for you.

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How To Be Motivated By The Biggest Losers

As seen on the Biggest Loser television show, practically everyone has their own explanation for why they have gained weight. just like on the Biggest Loser. Weight gain can result from medical conditions, like various types of thyroid problems, or from a broad range of emotional issues like depression.

Even without increased intake, some vital prescriptions can provoke major gains in body weight.When people have too much stress like family problems or academic pressures they sometimes eat more and thus become bigger.

For some people, being popular actually becomes a serious problem: other people always want them to go eat with them, causing them to eat too much unhealthy food. Regardless of how you became overweight, learning how to lose weight fast is probably the most important thing that's on your mind. the thing to think about now is how to lose weight fast. Growing up, I was always quite a bit overweight even though I didn't eat very much.

Finally, when I was seventeen, I found out that I had a thyroid problem that was the underlying factor for my weight. Vividly illustrating the problems associated with being overweight is one thing the television show did to help me.

Even thought the people on the show became overweight through different circumstances, they had to come to grips with the need to lose weight just like I had to. Seeing how much better people felt when they reached their goals inspired me to find new ways to exercise and to develop a more active lifestyle.

Watching people on television become losers encouraged me to become a loser myself!

Take note of the happiness enjoyed by the losers on television, then get to work and become a loser yourself!

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Where Do You Go If You Need Assistance With Your Medicines?

Help for prescriptions is available if you qualify. It is enormously tough for lots of persons to afford their prescription medication if they don't own insurance. Help with prescriptions can make your recovery go a lot faster. This is especially true with cancer patients.

For people that are undergoing chemo therapy, the requirement for anti-nausea drugs is pretty high because of the upset stomach that the chemo creates. You will maybe require an iron supplement too since the chemotherapy will cause you to become anemic. You feel like a Yo-Yo. It is not uncommon for a cancer patient to have medicines costs as large as their house payment..or larger! At this point you need to turn to a prescription program assistance.

When You Need Help Paying for Your Medications

The worst thing a person can do is to stop taking their medications. There are quite a lot of plans to be had that provide free and reduced cost drugs assistance.

• Hospital Social Worker- Nearly all hospitals have got a social worker who will help you get grants and other programs aimed at assisting you with your healthcare needs. This must be your initial stop in looking for aid. At all times enlighten your physician if you cannot pay for prescription medicine or treatment. He or she might know of a program personally to support you, as well.

• PPARx- The Partnership for Prescription Assistance is a company aimed at serving persons that can't meet the expense of their prescriptions. They have produced a database of more than 500  programs and more than 5000 prescription medication offered for reduced or no cost aid. They assist in determining what you are qualified for and applying for the aid. The service is free and accessible online.

• Prescription drug Companies- A great number of residents would not believe pharmaceutical companies offer help, but countless might. Boehringer gives a medicines program for residents taking their drugs and cannot find the money for them. Track down the maker of your drugs by asking your medical doctor or pharmacist and check the website for prescription medication assistance programs.

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