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Gastric Band Surgery Offers

Gastric Band Surgery March Special Offers

If you have been considering gastric band surgery and you want to have Surgery before we start to get really Busy then we can offer you a really Special package.

The Special Price will be just £3750

we will include all of the following:-
    (* 3 Star Hotel - partner sharing)
  • Consultation Fee gastric band surgery-
  • Surgeons Fees and Anaesthetist Fees
  • Cardiologie and Blood tests & X ray
  • Hospital Fees (24 Hours)including all associated Clinic Fees
  • Taxis between Hospital, Airport or Eurostar, to hospital & Hotel (6 trips)
  • Aftercare service at one of our Medical Centers in UK and Ireland. London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin, Belfast, Manchester, Newport (Wales) or Brussels.
  • *BONUS *Personalised handbook for diet guidelines pre and post operative
  • Access to personal coordinator to assist you at all stages.

To take advantage of this special offer

Visit our webpage for more up to date details

We look forward to being of service too you

Do Your New Year's Resolutions include Working Out and Losing Weight? Posted By : Annee

Keep up to date with all of the latest News on Gastric Band Surgery which will cost Less in France and Belgium.

Keep track of your New Year's resolutions, and get rid of the excess weight you gained over the holidays at the same time. Like most of us you've probably picked up a few unwanted pounds over the holiday period, on top of the weight you wanted to lose anyway! Between over-eating, drinking a little too much and skipping the exercise routine, most of us gain a few pounds at this time of the year. Take action and keep track of your New Year's Resolutions.
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