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The Biggest Loser Diet with a Best Weight Loss Program Posted By : Sanjana Sharma

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The diet is just not a flash in the pan, it is the one that has proven its worth to many and cherished by all. It has all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients while helping individuals lose weight and maintain lean muscle. Biggest loser diet plan is a Healthy, Low-Fat, Low Calorie, Low Carbohydrate Meal Plan.
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This is one of the best plan to reduce your fat by taking low fat foods.

A low-fat diet plan can be delicious and exciting. You can feel active when you try to consume low fat foods instead of high fat food and it also will help you to maintain your  body slim. Avoid all trans fats, unsaturated fats found in animal products and store-bought baked goods. Trans fats and saturated fats contribute to high cholesterol levels. Elevated cholesterol levels lead to heart disease, stroke and cancer. Low-fat, nutritious food choices lead you in the right direction when it comes to losing weight on a low-fat diet plan.
Low Fat Diet Plan:Fruits and Vegetables

Add fruits and vegetables to your diet. United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, as part of a healthy diet, eating fruits and vegetables recommended. Fat cells are broken down when you get fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables or lightly steamed vegetables are the best things to consume. When having a meal, eat vegetables, squashes and peas. Fresh fruit is ideal as a nutritious snack or as the sweet ending of a meal.
Don't eat a lot of red meat at meals.

You should try to eat red meat only a couple times a week. If you decide to consume red meat, be sure to get the leanest type possible, avoiding the higher-fat meats like prime rib. You should be grilling or baking protein-rich foods rather than frying them. Olive oil and lemon juice with fresh herbs make an excellent marinade for lean meats. For example, you can choose turkey burgers, which are much lower in fat, over regular ground beef hamburgers.
Utilize lesser lipid replacements.

To boost the flavor of  baked potatoes use plain nonfat yogurt and add fresh chives and minced garlic instead of using sour cream and butter Replace chips with fat free, whole-grain crackers. Use egg whites for omelets instead of the entire egg-egg yolks are high in fat and cholesterol. It's easy and less expensive to make healthy, homemade salad dressings from olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinegar, and to say goodbye to those heavy, cream based salad dressings. 
Choose snacks that are Low in saturated fats.

Your craving for food during the day can be satisfied by eating fruits, salads, yogurt, baked biscuits, cottage cheese and other small refreshments that are low on fat. When shopping for snacks, read the label and avoid those with trans fats.
Even Some Desserts and Other Sweets are O.K.

When on a diet, you don't need to avoid all sweet foods. Dark chocolate is full of strong antioxidants so choose that instead of milk chocolate. When eating cookies and brownies,select smaller portions. Don't use oils. Use applesauce to cook. Most processed baked goods contain trans fats, so choose healthier options. Instead of fat-laden sweets, have portions of fresh berries or cantaloupe.
It is essential to take the advise of a dietetics expert or a physician before starting on a low fat diets plan to make sure it is appropriate for you.

Is it Best to Eat Low Fat or Low Carb?

An examination of the differences between low carb and low fat plans.

For a year two sets of one hundred people went on one of two diets: a low carbohydrate diet or a low fat diet. Following a year, the people in the sets had congruent success with weight loss, however the low carb set also lowered their HDL-cholesterol rates and had lowered their systolic blood pressure significantly compared with the low fat set. So the low carb group experienced some health benefits along with weight loss.

It is Easy to Follow Low Carb Diet During the Week

I really like the way my body looks while eating low carb. I also felt better on the low carb plan. I am more vigorous and get more done. During the week, I follow my low carb diet. Because you do not experience the intense desire to eat that you do on higher carbohydrate plans, this dieting style lends itself perfectly to the Eat Stop Eat dieting style.

Take It Easy On the Weekends

I'm a social guy, so I do like to enjoy time with family and friends on the weekend. The challenge is that much of this time involves being around food that isn't low carb. It's perfectly normal to take in a few carbs on the weekend. I attempt to eat more greens and lean meats but I cannot tell you that I am able to do this at every meal. Nachos and beer are evil and they throw me right off the low carb dieting style.

It's Possible to Have a Low Carb and Low Fat Diet Simultaneously

If you want to lose weight within a couple of weeks and need the most efficient diet, eat calorie-light proteins and stay off the carbs like you normally do. For 1-2 weeks (no longer than that) you can create a large calorie deficit by avoiding fat calories as well as carb calories. Chicken and greens are fantastic ways to stay low carb as well as low fat. This is what I would call a "vacation prep" diet.

Most of the Time, It's Okay to Eat A Lot of Meat

When I eat on my own on a typical work day, I enjoy primal meals which are higher in protein and healthy fats while being low carb. It seems to be a good way to eat for me. If you maintain the diet but then take in carbs, they'll start making you fatigued. Use fruit and veggies instead of rice, break or potatoes as a wonderful side to your meal that doesn't add any carbs to your system. On the weekends I eat a little more traditional, trying to go low carb low fat, but often times doing high carb and high fat (which isn't good).

In short, you can lose weight easily by just finding simple methods of taking in less food. For me it is a combo of eating low carb during the week with two Eat Stop Eat style fasts, which allow me to eat more carbs and calories on the weekend.

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