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Atkins and Intestinal Problems

The major complaint of people who use the Atkins diet is the intestinal issues that are related to reducing carbohydrates. These issues can comprise constipation and diarrhea. These signs can happen to anyone at some point, but people who follow a low diet are specifically prone.

Most commonly dieters will experience diarrhea during the first few days of induction. This is an effect of the body doing away with excess carbohydrates. It also marks the beginning of the ketosis process. So in reality, going through diarrhea at the beginning of the dietary plan is a good thing. It indicates that you are on the road to becoming a fat burning machine.

Constipation is a ill effect of lack of fiber in the low-carb diet. Whole grains, legumes and fruit are the normal sources of dietary fiber, and they are all restricted on the Atkins diet's initial stages.

All the same, you shouldn't be scared removed from the low carbohydrate way of life owing to these issues. There are simple solutions that can prevent and help with these signs and allow you to continue with adhering to the slimming plan.

The first tip is to make sure to comprise the proper amount of low-carb vegetables in your daily diet. In the induction phase, you can consume to 20 grams of carbohydrates daily. This is roughly equal to 3 cups of salad vegetables. Some people are tempted to use their carbohydrate grams on cheese or artificially sweet-flavored soda. Eating acceptable vegetables is an important step in maintaining intestinal health while following the Atkins plan. It's also critical to drink a nominal amount of 8 eight-ounce tumblers of water every day and get exercise. Both these credit steps can help with intestinal programs.

If you're going through constipation specifically, then the're many means of relief. When you switch from a diet jam-packed with processed and refined sugar products, your body will need a little while to adapt to this new way of eating. You will need to ensure to up your fiber intake with acceptable vegetables and fruits (certain fruits are allowed after the initial induction phase). You can in addition try a fiber supplement like sugar-free Metamucil.

Make sure you are eating plenty fats and oils. Constipation can be a consequence of too little fat in your diet plan. Adding tablespoon of olive oil or flax oil to salads or other vegetables can help your intestinal health. Also, try to incorporate a selection of vegetables in your salad. Pale iceberg lettuce does not have much fiber in it. Try dark green lettuces or have a serving of dark green steamed veggies (broccoli, asparagus or spinach are good alternatives.

If these hints don't work, try skipping all salt from your diet program for a couple of days. This includes pickles, mustard, diet soda, ham, bacon and bottled salad dressing. This will decrease your liquid retention and now and again helps with bowel movements.

Diarrhea ought not to be a complaint following on from the first seven days of the Induction plan. Even so, on rare occasion, it does persist longer. First, analyze your diet plan. If you are eating low-carb protein bars or other sugar free products, eliminate them. They might contain sweeteners like glycerine, sorbitol and malitol which are known to cause diarrhea and gas. Do-it-yourself low-carb desserts might possibly be a cause of problems. Most of them use maltodextrin, a man-made sweetener used in baking. Maltodextrin is made from corn and can result in problems for a few people.

If you are not used to eating raw vegetables each day, this can be a reason of diarrhea. See that your body will alter to the vegetables and the intestinal side effects will not last forever. Ensure you are chewing your raw vegetables thoroughly. Also, using gently steamed vegetables in preference to raw can be a resolution to this problem.

Intestinal troubles are common during the first portion of the Atkins diet. Keep in mind, although, that these issues will flee within the initial few weeks of the new way of eating. If the problems persist, try the In the past~prior to this~years ago} mentioned hints to get relief.

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Read A Dietrine Review First If You Are Looking For The Most Effective Diet Product


According to various researchers from all over the world, an estimated 300,000 American deaths a year are related to obesity. The risk of premature death rises with increasing weight. Individuals who are obese with BMI greater than 30 have increased risk of premature death from all causes, compared to individuals with a healthy weight, according to experts, doctors and a Dietrine review. With this in mind, one thing can lead to another and when you have increased your weight, there is a possibility that you get an increased risk of heart disease that could lead to a possible heart attack. Yes, the risk of heart attack is increased in persons who are overweight. High blood pressure is twice as common in adults who are obese than in those who are at a healthy weight. Obesity is associated with high triglycerides and decreased HDL cholesterol. But according to Dietrine reviews, it is possible that you can also get rid of this problem without going for medications or any prescriptions. But how?

These days, a lot of people are turning their heads, again, on some natural treatments for many different health problems even obesity. For instance, a person who wanted to get rid of his simple headache will never touch again paracetamol medicines. What he can do is to either go for some efficascent oil to rub it against his temple or he can go for herbal supplements. This is the same as with Dietrine, a natural diet product that involves one thing: blocking the body from absorbing too many carbohydrates. So that means, it is a program concentrating on a low-carb diet. Well, not exactly. With Dietrine, you can eat as much carbohydrate as you can and Dietrine will neutralize the digestive enzymes in your system before it can convert starch into glucose which decreases the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body.

Diets With Reduced Carbohydrates

From among the countless food programs available out there, many of which are recognized as fake, it’s not an easy task to realize which ones might actually work. Naturally, the general goal is to slim as fast as possible, and since lots of diets promise to help you achieve it, you need to be very careful and make sure the one you choose is indeed effective.

Low carbohydrates regimes have been shown to deliver results. As the name implies, the main focus is to minimize the carb intake, starting from the belief that this will cause the body to decrease the amount of insulin it produces and will then start using fat as a source of energy. The effect is quick weight reduction.

If you want a more detailed article about dropping weight real fast, check out this free article at: Losing Weight Fast With the Low Carboydrate Diet.

This diet has you decreasing foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, biscuits and alcohol, but increasing foods such as eggs, meat, fish, butter, cheese and cream. In conjunction with this, it is recommended to drink around 3 litres of water.

The rules of this diet initially dictate that during the first few weeks you limit your intake of carbohydrates to less than 20 grams per day. Subsequent to that, the idea is to reduce it further as the weeks go by. Once you get started and get used to the change in foods, it can actually be easy in that you still get to eat some of the good stuff such as butter and cheese!

A day’s meal on a low carb diet would look like this:

Breakfast: Omelette with mushrooms, bacon and sausage.

Lunch: A salad mixed with cheese, meat and tuna.

Dinner: Steak with non-starchy vegetables.

Snacks: Nuts (except for peanuts) or pork rinds.

You definitely won’t need to stay hungry while on this program! You can have plenty of proteins, besides indulging your sweet tooth with jelly and cream sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Sounding good yet?

Low carbohydrates regimes don’t limit their results to mere weight loss. They help achieve higher levels of energy, better sleep, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol.

The basic principle of this diet goes a long way back in time, but contemporary versions of it made it even more famous. The most popular of those might be the Atkins diet, brought forth by Dr. Robert Atkins.

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With Atkins’ program, you can have close to anything but starchy aliments. Moreover, it claims that having more fats in your system will contribute to weight loss. A weight loss of up to 6.8% is the promise for the initial 3 months on this diet.

It’s only natural that everyone loves these diets, isn’t it? They enable you to slim even though you consume plenty of fats which would never be part of any other plan. It’s almost too good to be true!

It isn’t for everyone though. It’s not easy to eliminate a food group you’re used to, even if you are to do it gradually. The first few days are the hardest as your body uses the last bit of carbs and starts craving for more. Once past those first few days though, it does get easier.

As you might already suspect, this nutritional program is not to be followed for a very long time. Totally cutting off a food category entails missing out on essential nutrients. Besides, proper intake of protein is paramount to ensure you’re not losing muscle instead of fatty tissue.

For someone seeking to slim quickly and without too many restrictions, this could be the ideal solution. You will require a lot of will power, especially at the beginning when you start off and the body starts modifying its fuel source, but once you are through that period, you will notice a fast improvement.

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3 Easy Ways To Lose Weight Fast

Here are three common methods that people use to lose weight and get abs.

1.  The  Weight Loss Patch

Maybe the most tempting advantage of utilizing a patch is that it is so simple to utilize.   No medicine to think of to take, no unusual diets, no necessary exercise schedule.   Naturally, sticking to a nourishing diet and exercise program is best for your overall health, but if that is tough for you to stick to all of the time, the patch might be a solution that works for you.

A weight loss patch that you place on your body will carry the active ingredients by transdermal distribution, meaning  through the skin.  The ingredients of the patch will head straight into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system and liver. Simply apply the patch to a smooth region of your skin and change the weight loss patch every 3 days.   That is the total of the maintenance that is required. 

A patch can even be used irregularly when you are traveling and you know that you will be dining out frequently, or for the times you are too occupied to cook the right meals.  A patch that suppresses your desire for food will help you develop great eating habits that will help you sustain your idyllic weight in the future  ~ no more fluctuating numbers.

2.  Appetite Suppressant Pills

Reducing your hunger to block the flood of calories in the first place appears to be the reasonable way to lose and maintain your weight.  Then again, we are so overloaded by contradictory claims everywhere for appetite suppressant pills ~ in magazine ads, on the radio, on tv , even on billboards when driving, that it is difficult to know which appetite suppressant pill will truly help take off those pounds ~ and keep them off.. 

Some diet pills can cause your heart to race, your hands to quiver, or an in general "restless" feeling.  Specific ingredients have been located and recognized to help the normal customer distinguish which products will set off these awful side-effects. These ingredients are : Ephedra, Ma Huang, and Ephedrine.

One herbal appetite suppressant pill that has received a lot of publicity lately is Hoodia Gordonii.  The authentic plant comes from the Kalahari desert in  South Aftrica.  Respectable tv  programs like 60 Minutes, the Today Show, BBC, and even Oprah's "O" magazine have all given it fantastic reviews in favor of its fast acting appetite suppressing qualities.  Though it can take one to two weeks to work fully, a lot of consumers report a reduction in their hunger with the first pill.

In fact, Hoodia has had so many positive reviews that there are at this moment a lot of knock-off products being sold to the uninformed ~ particularly on the Internet.   The real Hoodia is very rare since it could take up to 7 years for the Hoodia  plant to mature to a place where it provides appetite suppressant qualities.  Additionally, the African government is at the moment decreasing the amount of Hoodia it exports, meaning only a small number of suppliers have the genuine medication.  Because Hoodia is so uncommon, you can assume it to be slightly more pricey than other appetite suppressant medicines.  

Another diet medication that helps drop weight is Herbal Phentermine.  This an over the counter appetite suppressant that is methodically created to generate comparable effects of a popular Rx version of phentermine. 

Herbal Phentermine doesn't have any bad side-effects since it is Herbal and just contains all-natural ingredients.   Besides, you can escape the time, cost, and embarrassment of a doctor's visit.Herbal Phentermine will not only conquer your hunger, but it will also increase your metabolism so you burn additional calories and have more energy. 

3). Carbohydrate Blockers

Maybe you don't want to have your appetite suppressed, but would like to eat a lot of carbohydrates without having to suffer the consequences. .  If this seems more like your approach, then you may possibly want to check out a carbohydrate blocker.

Scientists have made a way for consumers to have the types of food that we are partial to without gaining weight. We are able to now hinder the routine conversion of starchy foods to sugar before it can pass through our digestive system and accumulate as fat on our hips, thighs, buttocks and stomach.Derived from white kidney beans, the resulting carbohydrate blockers, (also called starch neutralizers), are a totally natural product.  They work by neutralizing the Alpha amylase enzyme that digests starch.  

By neutralizing this digestive enzyme, the starch from our food does not get digested.  Instead, it remains whole and doesn't switch to sugar.  It easily passes throughout the body undigested and acts like a fiber  ~ which is a very good thing.   We get more fiber going all through our intestines while avoiding the change to sugar and the consequential fat storage ~  a certain win-win situation.

Throughout the past several years, there have been many affirmative studies to reveal the helpfulness of carb blockers and their capability to help lose weight.   One study was performed at the Northridge Hospital Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, over an eight week time period. 

It was stated that study participants saw an average weight loss of 200% more than those taking a placebo, and they lost an average of 1.5 inches around their waists.  This was 43 % more than individuals taking  the placebo.  In addition, they reported  having 13% more energy, even though it is not a stimulant. 

Whether you select the patches or pills, prefer to eat starchy foods, or make use of carbohydrate blockers, here are some things to search for while purchasing diet products:
1) Contain all natural ingredients
2) Don'thave harmful side effects
3) Offer a 100% money back guarantee

For more information on how to lose fat and gain muscle check out this site  - How To Get A Six Pack.


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It has been established that consuming fats alone could be the reason of obesity. The insulin related obesity has alarmed the world about carbohydrates as an indirect fat. Out body needs carbohydrates but the level which it requires is really very low. Anything more than the required level of carbohydrates would be first stored in your liver and then as fat storages over the body, making you ft. As more and more people are getting aware of this fact they are pondering over what can you eat on a low carb diet.
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What to think about when Deciding on a High Protein Diet

The body requires Energy

A high protein diet can burn fat effectively if it is approached correctly. You must trick your body to turn body fat into energy instead of carbs. When energy is needed the body will take the easiest source to get it. The body will change when it is forced to do so, but you may experience some lows during this time. Always be prepared so you don’t break the diet and return back to consuming more carbs than is required to produce the energy you need to complete your daily activities.

Find more high protein fat loss strategies at high protein diet plans.

High Carb Meals

Through years of conditioning, many people have come to depend on carbohydrates as the main source of energy. Because carbs are easily converted into energy the body will easily consume them as its source of glucose. In fact, you are probably like so many other people who rely on carbohydrates for energy. The good thing is that the body will start to burn body fat for energy and this will change the carb habit. You can expect this to begin after about four wks on the diet. This will supply you the get up and go you require to continue to decrease and eliminate carbohydrates from your diet.

Good and Bad Food

A good point to beginning a high protein diet is the removal of carbohydrates that can impact your health. Carbs that are eaten from high fat, fast food that have been processed, pose many health risks.. These foods that contain high levels of trans-fatty acids can ruin your health condition.. Remember there are carbohydrates that are good for your health. Carbohydrates that come from good fresh fruit and vegetable sources contribute a lot to good health. Now is a good time to learn which of these foods are actually going to help and which ones will hurt your health while you lose fat.

Find more info on the absolute truth about low carb diets.

Protein Sources

The high protein diet has worked wonders for those that find losing fat a real challenge. Unfortunately, this diet must be approached in a sensible manner, so as not to cause other problems such as with your health. The diet must be followed properly and consistently to ensure you the desired fat loss. An important consideration is where the protein sourced. Alternatively it can be recommended to get your protein source from only moderate sources of animal protein, such as chicken, Turkey and fish. Watching a person’s cholesterol level while on a diet is important to maintaining good health. High fat sources of protein can increase cholesterol levels and may increase health risks. A checkup with your doctor may be a good idea before starting any diet or exercise program designed to lose weight.

Find the best weight loss info at High protein diet plans for fast safe healthy weight loss.

Three Safe and Fast Weight Loss Diet Approaches

Two Basic Approaches

One safe and fast weight loss diet approach involves looking at ways to decrease the total number of calories consumed in a day. The core of the second approach is to consume relatively the same but get busy by exercising. Both of these approaches will produce fat loss over a period of time. Whatever particular Fast Weight Loss Diet you choose will be dependant on your lifestyle or amount of discipline you have. So lets take a closer look at these fast Weight Loss diet Strategies.

Some great Fast Weight Loss diet programs can be found here: healthy diet progams for fast weight loss.

Assess Your Eating Habits

The fast weight loss diet strategy that has you eating less food is an effective strategy. If you simply reduce the number of high calorie carbohydrates you can decrease calories significantly. Reducing the amount of bread with meals is a good example of cutting out calories from carbs. Eliminating some condiments from meals can decrease calories easily as well. You will have to reduce calories by 3200 for each pound you want to lose. If you look carefully at your meal content you can find ways to simply and easily reduce the amount of daily calories.

Burn More Calories

A second fast weight loss diet approach involves increasing fat loss from increased activity levels. If you are not getting a lot of exercise each day small increases can lead to additional fat loss. It doesn’t mean you have to train like a marathon runner only small increases in your exercise level will do. A program that includes three days a week of intense exercise can contribute to 5-8 lbs of fat loss per month. Most find this target goal sustainable and achievable. No matter which one you choose it will burn fat more and lead to significant weight loss.

Check here for the best advice on safe effective and fast weight loss diet plans.

Two-Prong Approach

The fast weight loss diet plan that uses both approaches is twice as effective as a single approach alone. Because it involves both approaches, weight loss will occur on two fronts at the same time. In fact some have even increased their food consumption by 3% and found they still have significant weight loss. The key to this approach is not to do too much too quickly and give the body time to adapt to the change. The reduction of calories and the increase of exercise should be approached in increments not to exceed five per cent per week. Instead of consuming three large meals they change their [eating] schedule to include 6 small meals. Just be sure to be aware of the total amount of calories you are eating.

Be Reasonable

A fast weight loss diet should not only be effective but it should be safe also. Losing weight or exercising progressively is the best approach for long term results. Some may think so but it is just not the right way to approach fat loss. A reasonable amount of fat loss per month is between 5-8 pounds. When considering your weight loss, plan for the long-term. This will ensure your body gets adequate nutrition and not engage the starvation mode. If this happens then weight loss will be stopped temporarily. Slow and steady will win the race in a reasonable and safe manner.

Find more fast weight loss Strategies here at Easy Ways to Fast Weight Loss.

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