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3 Simple steps to Lose Belly Fat Quickly

Belly fat makes a very ungainly sight! Having said that, fat around the belly has serious health consequences. With that in mind, finding ways to lose belly fat quickly should be on top of your list. Researchers have proven that excess belly fat significantly increases the risk of heart disease, cancers and diabetes. Listed below are 3 essential tips to lose belly fat quickly.

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Consequences of high stress levels and low amount of sleep

Though this might sound farfetched, it has been scientifically established that not sleeping enough can cause weight gain. Leptin production drops significantly as the amount of sleep decreases. As Leptin is a protein that acts as an appetite suppressor, lack of sleep can cause an increased appetite in a person. Further, insufficient sleep increases the stress levels in a person, which in turn accelerates the production of Cortisol. The hormone Cortisol slows down the body’s metabolism, and causes increased weight gain around the belly region. By managing both sleep and stress well, one can actually lose belly fat quickly.

Importance Of Proper Diet & Nutrition

By eating properly, you can lose belly fat quickly. Stay away from junk and sugar foods as they go straight to your mid section, while delivering zero nutrients to your body. Eliminating fast foods can lead to reduction in the quantum of consumed trans-fats and this decreases the overall weight. Trans-fats are artificial fats that are bad for your health and are found in most fast foods and junk foods. The trans-fats come from liquid cooking oil packed with hydrogen atoms for extending product shelf-life and adding flavor, and cause storage of fat in your body. Increasing the intake of high fiber foods increases the capacity of the body’s metabolism to burn more food before the calories are absorbed. This decreases the bloat that is common to the belly, and you can actually lose a few pounds just by waste removal! Further, drinking lots of water everyday helps to get rid of the body’s toxins and waste. Foods like grapes, oranges and potatoes are also good at burning fat and contribute greatly in your efforts to lose belly fat quickly.

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Exercise to kick start your Belly Fat Loss

An exercise regime plays a vital role in getting rid of the excess fat in the belly region. Getting into exercises such as aerobics, crunches and sit-ups will help to increase the heart rate and burn the fat on and around the belly region. Just 20 crunches or sit-ups a day can significantly reduce the amount of your belly fat. This improves your overall health and improves the way you look. Exercises are wonderful in giving the individuals their energy, helping them to burn fat and decreasing their risks associated with serious health concerns. Ignore the dangerous belly fat at your own risk - according to the United States Surgeon General, just a few extra pounds in the mid section area greatly increases the risk of contracting several diseases. With proper management of stress, sleep, health, proper nutrition and exercise, you can significantly reduce your chances of illness and lose belly fat quickly!

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The Day Off Diet Program: Three Reasons To Start It

#1 You Will Lose Belly Fat

The big key to getting rid of belly fat is not doing crunches or sit-ups it's following a diet program that boosts your metabolic rate so that the your stubborn {stomach fat~fat you hold onto that covers your midsection} simply has no choice but to go away.

Yes exercise should be an important part of your life as well but instead of wasting your time doing hundreds of sit-ups you should do time efficient strength training. The Day Off Diet includes a top quality strength training program free of charge! Yes you should include cardio workouts as a part of your weight loss program but you should do something really intense like cardio kickboxing instead of just walking or some other low intensity approach. Push yourself harder!

#2 You Will Lose Fat Fast

A lot of people think that starting a low calorie diet is the only way to lose weight fast. But that can actually slow your weight loss down because it makes your body go into starvation mode.

Instead of starting a starvation diet you should follow a dieting plan that actually boosts the metabolism and that's what this diet program does. With this diet plan you will actually be able to eat anything you want one day a week and not only does that make the diet easier to stick with, it acutally helps you to lose weight faster.

#3 You Will Lose Weight For Good

The Day Off Diet comes with a very effective strength training guide and that is an important element particularly for people who want to lose weight once and for all.

Adding muscle to your body is the best way to ensure that you lose weight permanently because each pound of muscle that you add to your body actually burns an additional 50 calories per day even if your body is at rest.

This will allow you to keep the weight off because you will be burning more calories. It's vital that you add this muscle to your body. This is the key to changing your life for good.

The Day Off Diet: The Key To Losing Belly Fat

There are three basic body types: There are those that hold their last fat in their belly, there are those that hold their last fat in their thighs, and there are those that don't hold their fat in any particular part of their body (just all over.) There's nothing you can do about your body type and that is the crux of the argument I make on how to lose belly fat most effectively.

The truth is that if you are someone who holds onto fat in your belly region then you can't simply change your body type and hold your fat somewhere else and even if you could then you'd probably not like where it was anyway. The only way to get rid of that fat is to lower your body's overall body fat percentage. It's important to understand this concept because if you don't it's easy to waste a lot of your time trying to do the impossible.

An example of a method that does not work are the abdominal exercisers you see advertised on television so often. You should not waste your time or your money with thise machines because they are entirely ineffective at burning belly fat. The body just doesn't work like that. It's impossible to pinpoint fat loss in any particular part of the body (such as the midsection) instead the real key to getting rid of your belly fat is to lower your overall body fat percentage until your body literally has no choice except to simply let go of your excess fat (including the fat covering your belly.)

This means that the real key is not targeted belly exercise but instead a metabolism boosting diet such as The Day Off Diet and exercise which burns a lot of calories and builds muscle (because each pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day even when the body is at rest.)

You should always avoid all low calorie diets because this approach actually backfires. It is not the answer to the question "How to lose belly fat?" Why? This is because your body goes into what is known as "starvation mode" so that it's close to impossible to get rid of your extra fat regardless of how hard you try to lose it.

You can download The Day Off Diet, which is the most effective diet for losing belly fat, online 24/7/365. This diet program is 100% satisfaction guaranteed with a 60 day money back refund period so there's no risk in trying it out. And since you can download it instantly there's no reason to wait in getting started.

Exerciese To Lose Belly Fat

If you find that you are just not able to get that stomach area toned out like you would like it, then you need to learn different exercises to better tone your stomach, what is the best exercise for your stomach are that you can do which are  to help you burn fat, tone up, and get the toning your are looking for.


There are thousands of different exercises you can try, but really only a few will get you the results that you are looking for.

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Bicycle Crunches


If you are looking for a great abdominal exercises, then read on this is one that you will not what to miss. Bicycle crunches are great if you want to work out the abdominal area. These exercises are also very simple to do, all you need to do is lay down with your hands behind your head, and shape your body like an arc.


You want to make sure that you have your head up by your hands and your legs out straight. Remember that if your body is not in the right position while you are performing this exercise then you are not going to be getting the results that you want.


Now you start pulling your legs towards your stomach with your stomach just like you are riding a bicycle, and you go back and forth just as though you were really riding a bicycle in real life.

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Crunches With An Exercise Ball


Another awesome ab exercise for the stomach is exercise ball crunches. All you need is an exercise ball which you can find readily available from any exercise or fitness store. All you have to do is lie backwards on the ball and then you want to sit up just as though you were doing a regular sit up.


Of course it is going to be harder because while you are doing the sit up you are also having to work to make sure that you are keeping your balance!


These are both great exercises, but remember that if you really want to work out your stomach and get those hot washboard abs, then you are going to have to get lots of variety and mix up your routine. You are also going to need to be very careful in regards to the different foods that you are eating because this is going to make or break your exercises.

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How to Lose Belly Fat Fast and Get Perfect Abs

The Truth About How to Get Great Abs

If your looking for the answer to the ultimate abs question - what is the best exercise to get a flat stomach? then the answer is... None! Ab workouts alone don't create enough of a metabolic response in your body to create fat loss.

Many fitness professionals and diet, are often asked what are the best types of exercises for losing stubborn belly fat to bring out a visible six pack. The problem is that most people with excess stomach fat are looking to try to uncover their abs by searching for some "miracle abdominal workout" that is going to slash the fat off their abs in no time. Click here for more information on six pack abs training.

The thing is they are approaching the problem in entirely the wrong way! The truth is that you don't lose stomach fat by doing ab workouts!

What you are looking to do is to try to flatten your stomach and bring out 6-pack abs by concentrating your efforts on the right workouts that will reduce your body fat for good not just trying to get good looking abs!

So the answer to which are the best exercises would be the ones that include a full body workout such as the following: various forms of squats, lunges, deadlifts, clean & presses, snatches, swings, presses and pulls, mountain climbers, sprinting, etc.

These types of full body exercises would encompass a much higher percentage of the workouts instead of abs exercises directly targeting the midsection. The way you combine those full body exercises into a strategic workout that maximizes your metabolism is also very important.

It is recommend that you do a certain amount of exercises that specifically target the abs, but these are only a tiny part of the programs you should be pursuing as your time is better spent focusing on the full body exercises that stimulate the greatest hormonal and metabolic changes within the body. By doing it this way there will be a side effect of indirectly working your entire midsection even though you are not specifically targeting the abs. Follow this link for more on Mike Geary abs.

Bear in mind how important it is to consider nutrition for devveloping abs. No matter how hard you workout, if your diet is full of junk, then your abdominals will be covered with ugly fat. There is no doubt that Nutrition is the "key" to getting a six pack.

So let's clear this up for good...

Stop wasting so much of your time focusing on sit ups, crunches, leg raises, and all those silly worthless "ab contraptions" in your efforts to try to develop 6-pack abs. Instead, concentrate on full body lifts, multi joint exercises coupled with a healthy diet packed with unprocessed foods, and those elusive six packs will be yours in no time!

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