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Eat More Small Meals And Lose Weight

For most people, it seems that the idea of 'eat more to lose weight' is not plausible even those trying to lose 10 pounds fast. But here is where the danger may lie if you try a starvation diet that is commonly believed as the fast weight loss diet. You could be fighting obesity for the rest of your life because of the severe damage it brought to your body's weight management systems. If you follow a simple guide to your eating habits then this damage could be avoided and you can live a healthier life.

It is important to first understand the relationship between metabolic rate and eating frequency. In order for you to achieve that, you need to know what happens to your body when you go on for three or more hours without food. When your body is deprived of the necessary nutrients to work properly, your brain signals your body to go on a preservation mode; a state where your body hibernates.

This is a mode where starvation trigger is activated. Starvation trigger, an instinct used by the body for survival, slows down your metabolism to make sure that your body will gradually burn fat to maintain the minimum energy level for you to survive over time despite the unfavorable conditions. Therefore, your fat is preserved in this mode.

What also happens in this mode is that the production of insulin and other enzymes that stores the food as fat, is increased so when you have your next meal, more fat than usual is stored in your body. Finally, when your body has not taken any food for more than three hours your appetite will surely increase. You get the feeling of having eaten everything that was served on the table on Christmas day. This state will not help with fat burning. When this happens, your metabolism slows down and fat is stored in your body.

Eating more often is a fast way to lose weight.

A quick way to lose weight is to eat smaller servings more frequently. Eating every two hours will help you avoid over-eating and keep your metabolism up. It helps to snack on fruits and vegetables to keep the energy level that your body needs.  This will help your body from moving to its 'fat-storing' mode. These are healthy diet plans.

Organizing will help you. When you go shopping next time, go get yourself a supply of healthy snacks and go for metabolism boosting foods. You can have a mashed boiled egg with cottage or cream cheese. Add a stick of celery with fresh almonds to complete your snacks. Get creative and always have some small snack available so that you don't reach for more junk food. Eat something every two hours.

Small serving for a small gut.

Make it a habit to use a small plate at home and when you're in a restaurant, try to ask for their child's size serving.Have a broth soup to start the meal. At least, get that 80% of your food eaten before four o'clock. Have a glass of water 10 minutes before each meal or have a piece of dark chocolate. Both of these ideas will take the edge off your appetite.

Your body tends to use food as it is eaten and keeps it when you do not use it. Although, the amount of food intake matters, this is not the be-all and end-all to lose weight. In the end, the frequency of your food intake is what matters. This is why you should eat more to lose 10 pounds fast. It is important to eat more during breakfast, a fair amount of serving for lunch, a meager serving for dinner and two snacks in between meals. If you haven't eaten the last three hours go and nibble on something now.


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