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Including Fasting in Your Diet - Is It Safe?

Fasting for weight loss is an attractive option for many people for several reasons such as quick weight loss and detoxification. There are several ways to go about a fasting weight loss program: restricting all foods and having a totally liquid diet, restricting foods only on certain days, or restrict certain food groups for a specific period of time. Some of them are considered as fad diet because it deliver fast result but it is so hard to keep the weight off once you return to your old eating habits.

So, is it safe to use this method as a part of your diet? It is depends on many factors; people with certain health issues such as cancer, diabetes, liver, kidney, or lung disease are not advised to do this kind of program. Pregnant and lactating women are not recommended either, since it can harm both the mother and the baby in various ways. For women who want to lose weight after pregnancy, check how you can do it without harming yourself or the baby at how to lose pregnancy weight.

Otherwise, if you think that you have a fit body, just go for it; one day fast is unlikely to cause any harm to a healthy body, even a little longer fast is still tolerable if you have a fit body.

Before you start on your fasting weight loss program you need to prepare your body and evaluate your lifestyle. Whether you're planning a short fast (anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks) or a long fast (lasting more than 3 weeks), there are some things you need to keep in mind before you start:

1. It might be best to lay off the physical activity during your fast because making your body work so hard when you are limiting the amount of fuel it gets could lead to problems like headaches and other side effects.

2. Reduce your usual consumption of canned and processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, salt, refined sugar, cigarette, and any foods that cause food allergies and toxic reaction for a few days before start fasting. Cut them off completely all of a sudden will result in headaches, stomachaches, and other discomfort.

3. About a week before you start your fast, slowly decrease the amount of food you eat and increase the time between meals. That way, it will be easier during the fast to control your hunger.

4. Before you start make sure you know everything you will need to do; writing all the instructions down is a good idea. Keep remind yourself of the cause and goals of the project, this will help you to stay away from any desire to quit halfway.

5. Make sure to consult your doctor if you are under 18 or have any chronic health problems.

Usually, this type of fasting can help you lose weight quickly as well as detoxify your body. For 'short complete fasting' program, repeat it over every specific time until you get the results that you're looking for. Remember NOT to extend it more than recommended. Check my recommendation for this type of fasting at how to lose weight in a week. For an extended fast, you should only do it under a doctor supervision.

Another variety is the 'short fast'; it will last only 1 or 2 days. It's difficult to use this type of fast and really achieve good results, thus only a few diet programs can do it. From my experience, this type of fast is the best because it offer less difficulties and have minimum side effects.

There are many variations of fasting weight loss plans where each will offer it's own unique benefits and results. In the hand of knowledgeable dietician, fasting can be a powerful way to attain fast weight loss while keeping the user healthy for his/her everyday’s activities. My top recommendation for fasting diet is a well designed and easily implemented 'short fast' type; check it at Eat Stop Eat Review.

Gastric Band A Wieght Loss

Get Rid Of Baby Fat



You did it it's finally over! Congratulations! Now wait, you still look four months pregnant! What happened? Don't give up yet! Read on I have the answers to get you headed in the right way to get rid of that stubborn pregnancy weight.



Instructions for Losing Pregnancy Weight


The fastest way to lose weight comfortably is to breast feed. Mother Nature gives an easy out!  When you breast feed it makes contractions and assists  the uterus on getting back to its regular size. As well, breast feeding burns 500 to 800 additional calories each day!


Lose Pregnancy Weight


Eat as many vegetables and fruit that you want to! The woman is no more eating for two so check eating like it.  Eat fruits and vegetables, as much as one want but try to fend off sweets, particularly chocolate (if you are breastfeeding, particularly, since the caffeine isn’t good for the baby.) Eat thin meat and keep healthy snacks around and remove unhealthy ones.


Slowly start working outs and always stretch initially! When you visits the doctor postpartum, ensure to get the okay for working out! When you do begin working outs, get down slowly, particularly if you tore or had a C-section. Always start work outs by warming up first. If you are breastfeeding, you may want to work out at once after a feeding: the breasts will be less full and it’ll bring in the feeling of more comfortable.



Drink water


Drinking at least 10 glasses of water every day. It cuts down all unneeded calories from a diet by making healthy drink choices.


Taking walks are another great way to lose weight, if you take the baby with you or not is all up to you! But if you decide to go for a walk to burn calories, bring the baby along! The baby acts as a weight which only burns fatter. If you do decide to carry the baby instead of pushing the baby in a stroller, you will build up arm strength too!


Lose Pregnancy Weight


Don't get discouraged and you will have that beautiful thin body before long with a little hard work! Keep in mind you need to think healthy about how to lose pregnancy weight. Also, don't give up hope. It took you nine months to gain all that weight with the baby, don't be surprised if it take just as long if not longer to lose that pregnancy weight. After all, it is so much easier to gain weight than to lose it! So, keep up those healthy choice's and you will be back to your old self in not time!!


Support groups are a great way in pushing you to reach your goal! Have a support group. Engage the husband’s assistance: try to make him to lose weight with you. Most diets do not last long if you are doing it all by your self so get some one to lose weight with you.


Lose Pregnancy Weight

How to Get Rid of Pregnancy Weight

Gaining weight while pregnant is normal and it is necessary.  Just how much weight you gain cannot be calculated.  The doctor says one thing, the baby says another.  The baby says, "I want a raw potato dipped in sugar."  Normally you don't eat like that, but the baby wants what it wants.

You begin looking for ways to drop those pregnancy pounds after the baby is born.  If you're thinking of just fruits and vegetables, don't.  Remember, you are still eating for two.  If you eat something, the baby eats it through the breast milk.  Here's a couple of ways to help with the losing those pregnancy pounds safely and quickly.Lose Pregnancy Weight


I'm sure you knew exercising would be mentioned.  It doesn't mean exercising for hours straight because your baby is going to keep you plenty busy.  When you were pregnant, the doctor probably told you to take it easy.  It's now time to increase your activity level to lose the pregnancy weight.  Working out will also increase your energy level so that you can keep up with the new love of your life.

No matter what exercise program you choose, you will need to focus on toning your muscles and cardio exercises.  You can tone your muscles with things around the house and for the cardio, dancing.  Wait a while before doing the stomach exercises, as I'm sure you know.  The cardio activities will reduce the fat all over the body so no rush on the stomach.  That will come off.  The best part of all is you can do these things while the baby is with you. Do some deep-knee bends while your baby is in his swing chair.  Grab a couple of canned vegetables and lift them over your head.

Yoga is great for the mind and body.  You will have better flexibility and reduce your stress.

Set Some Goals

Go ahead and set some long-term and short-term goals.  When you meet your short-term goals, it will encourage you to meet your long-term goals.  {A short-term goal would be losing X pounds each week, lifting the bag of sugar over your head four more times this week than last week, dancing through six 3-minutes songs instead of three like you did last week}.

Don't compare yourself to the other women who lose weight at a different rate than you, stay motivated by your own short term goals.  Every body is different.  Don't put yourself through that needlessly.  You just brought a beautiful baby into the world, you can do anything.Tips for Losing Pregnancy Weight

Changing How You Eat

You no longer have those weird food cravings.  It's now time to eat what's right for you and your baby.  You're going to need to change the groceries you normally buy.  You're going to feel a need for a snack at some point, grab something healthy.  Eating smaller meals but more often is the goal.  This will give you energy to keep up with your new baby and all the other things that come along.  Take care of yourself and your beautiful new baby.Click Here

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