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Gastric Band Testimonial by John L for Tullia Law

Gastric Band Surgery Testimonial For Tullia Law

Testimonial For Tullia Law

I had my gastric band fitted on April 27th. I had been considering having it done for quite some time. When I contacted Tullia Law she gave me all of the necessary information.

She took time to speak to me about all of my concerns and explained everything in great detail. I was still very nervous about travelling to another country for surgery however Tullia reassured me. I was able to verify my surgeon online and was very confident.

A few days before the operation my patient co-ordinator from the hospital got in touch to give me all of the details with regard to my collection from the airport and the hotel details. Everything went like clockwork. When I arrived at the hotel my patient co ordinator came to visit. He went through an information pack with me to really ensure I knew what I was about to do and to ensure that I was mentally prepared for life with the band.

He spoke perfect english and I really felt valued as an individual. On the morning of the operation I was transported to the hospital, the surgeon visited me three times before my operation to discuss the procedure and again to ensure the band was right for me. He invited me to ask him anything and he was very calming and reassuring. The care I received after my operation was amazing. The nurses were such lovely people, they checked in on me very regularly and as soon as I needed pain relief it was instantly given.

The surgeon visited me twice after the operation and once again reassured me everything went well. The following morning I was taken for an X-Ray to ensure the band was positioned correctly, pleased to say it was!!.

I can not speak highly enough of the care I received in the hospital, it was fantastic, the hospital was very modern and was very very clean. I was discharged back to the hotel after my X-Ray and was given prescription pain relief and medication to prevent clotting. My patient care co-ordinator kept in touch and visited me to ensure I did not need anything.

I would recommend this company to anyone who is considering gastric banding. They are not pushy, and will only proceed if it right for you. I have lost 1stone and 2 pounds since having mine and I could not be happier. I am having my first fill next week and am very much looking forward to it"

John L

(Full Name and address and supplied and available on request)

Posted By:- Geoff Lord


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Gastric Band Testimonial From Kim for Tullia Law

For Tullia Law of

From Kim
dated 25 Feb 2011

My name is Kim and my starting weight prior to getting my Gastric Band fitted was 22.5 stone.

I made the decision after some internet research to go with the French Cosmetic Surgery group (Lazer Clinics (France Ltd). Although the cost was very attractive I was still very anxious going abroad for such a procedure.

After making contact with Tullia Law I was given the name of the surgeon and was able to check on his registration with the British Medical Board, I was also given dozens of names of people all over the United Kingdom and Ireland who had been through the procedure and I was able to contact them to discuss my concerns and ask questions.

Tullia provided me with information with regards to the pre arrangements i.e. travel, hotels, hospital and cost, every thing was easy to read and in English.

However, the big hurdle for me once I decided to go ahead was the money as I was to forward my money ahead of the surgery. I contacted a number of people to discuss this and they reassured me that it was fine and they had initially had the same anxieties. In the end I had to make a personal decision ‘is it worth the risk?’ I took the plunge and decided to go for it.

I was once again provided with straight forward English instructions and talked through the process with Tullia, once the money was transferred it was a matter of waiting on my hospital appointment. I was given details of dates and times etc. for my stay at the hospital. Once I arrived as directed, everything was very professional, straight forward and all completed in English.

I have no complaints about the quality of the hospital, doctors, the care I received or the process, in fact it was all to a very high standard. On leaving the hospital I was provided with comprehensive written information in English.

My only regret is I wish I had done it years ago as my weight at present is now 11.5 stone and I feel the best I have done in 20 years.

(full name and address supplied but not displayed)

Comment from Tullia Law Lazer Clinics France (Ltd)

Well done Kim on your amazing weight loss since your gastric band surgery. We are happy to have been of assistance to you and wish you well for the future. We also thank you for your kind words.

Tullia Law

Low Calorie Diet - 3 Successful Methods Posted By : Marla B

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Most everyone knows that the secret of losing weight lies in ingesting less calories than you expend. A lot of people achieve this by going on a low calorie diet. There are three successful methods for these types of diets. You can eat less of the foods that you love, closely monitor your calories by counting, or eating lower calorie foods.
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Gastric Band Surgery

What to Expect with Gastric banding Surgery

Perhaps you are thinking seriously about having gastric bariatric surgery to help you achieve your weight loss goals. It is a good idea to ask around as much as you can about it, and choose a Medical Practitioner to do the surgery for you.

Belgium is quickly becoming known as a top destination choice for people who want affordable gastric band surgery. For instance, in the UK, gastric band surgery costs between 9,000 to 12,000 pounds. In comparison, the same surgery can be done in Belgium for around 4,000 pounds. This is less than half the cost, for the exact same quality of service!

Some of the reasons that Belgium is such a good choice for gastric band surgery include:

  • Skilled, highly trained physicians who have done numerous successful gastric band surgeries.

  • Most gastric band surgeries in Belgium are done by laparoscopy, which means a much shorter stay in the hospital and less chance of surgery side effects.

  • Belgium is among the top countries for hospital hygiene and use of technology, according to the World Markets Research Center.

As you can see, Belgium is a smart alternative to having your gastric band surgery done in the UK. Why pay more when you can get better care for less

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Gastric Banding Surgery Belgium

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