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3 Easy Tips To Give Your Fat Burning Program A Boost...Fast

3 Steps.. To Really Start Losing Weight

Are you bothered by those few extra pounds? You have a busy schedule, but you’d like to lose weight. A regular exercise routine helps the body lose weight fast.

Tried being on a severe diet before but it didn’t work?Do you want to be fit, look and feel great?

If your answers were yes, there are 3 easy steps to help you on your way. Here’s what you have to do:

1-    Plan your diet: Good Planning is the essence of a successful diet. Learning to track the calories you take in and burn each day is the key to creating a successful diet plan.

It’s very easy to know it, just If you google “how many calories are in ….” In order to shed pounds you need to burn more calories than you consume.

Pay attention to the calorie content of your daily meals. When you learn to reduce calories the results will be in fast fat burning.

2-    Execute your plans: Now that you’ve made your own diet plan, containing the types and quantities of food you like and you know exactly how many calories are in what you are consuming as well as how nutritious it is; all you have to do is just to execute your plan and stick to it. Of course, during your diet if you need to make a modification or substitution for a food, balance out those calories as well.

3-    Reward yourself: After being able to hold up to your diet plan for six days, reward yourself on the seventh day. Take it a day off the diet and give yourself something you really want.

But there are few tips about how to do this right

a.    Calculate how many calories you consume on that day too. Just knowing how many extra calories you are taking on that day, will help you in not eating hysterically on that day and will give you enough power to go on your diet next week more seriously.
b.    On that day, you will feel like a little child who wants to get all the toys in a toy store, all at once. Don’t!
Instead, give yourself a treat for this week, let’s say ice-cream and next week “pasta” etc… give yourself a different treat every week, in regular quantities. Although, the more you can stick with it, the sooner you will see the fast fat burning results.
c.    If it’s hard for you to wait a whole week, you can give yourself free meals instead, a free meal every 3 or 4 days of serious diet won’t harm. Taking it slow is ok if it helps keep you on track in the long run.

Lose Weight And Destress Fast By Controlling Your Stress Levels

Eating Comfort Foods Under Stress Causes Weight Gain

Most of us have certain foods we call comfort foods. Do we really need to eat these foods? In order to overcome these and lose weight fast, you have to establish control over your stress levels.

The answers to these questions bring forth the direct connection between stress, comfort foods and weight gain.

Most comfort foods are high carbohydrate, high fat or both. Good old macaroni and cheese is just about everyone’s favorite comfort food.

Although very tasty, we often eat them when we are under stress.This decreases your ability to burn fat fast. For a lot of us, comfort foods tend to provide that reassurance – the same feeling you probably got as a child eating those foods that all will be okay.

Stress not only drives us to eat more fatty foods, it can also drive us to drink more alcohol. That means we are not only adding in the calories from feel-good food items, we are also adding in a large number of empty calories from stress-induced drinking. 

All the extra calories mean a lot of extra workouts to burn them off, or more than likely, weight gain over a period of time.

Research indicates women eat and drink more under stress than men.The primary cause for over-eating that women have stated in various studies is a lack of emotional support.

That makes it imperative for those of us trying to lose weight to build a support network that we can rely on during periods of stress. It may mean reaching out to them for help, just blowing off steam, or socializing with supportive friends so we are not focusing on tough issues alone. 

Being with company also means we are less likely to consume a box of chocolate, or a couple of bottles of wine. Not having those food cravings saves us from putting on a lot of unwanted calories.

The first step is to know how you react to stress. Being self-aware will prevent a lot of misguided food choices.

Stress should not be used as an excuse for weight gain.

Controlling your stress levels is the key to lose weight fast. Put these tips into practice today!

7 Tips To Lose Weight Fast By Boosting Your Metabolism

Seven Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

A higher metabolism helps you feel good with higher energy levels, keeps your body functions going at optimum, and becomes an automatic weight control mechanism for you. Here are seven tips on how to boost your metabolism to your benefit:

These tips will ensure fast fat burning for life:

1.    Eat your breakfast – Skipping breakfast tells your body you have a lack of fuel which then keeps your metabolism functioning at a low rate. Literally, break the fast that your body has been on since dinner. Fuel your system with a nutritional breakfast.

2.    Eat the majority of your food earlier in the day – Dinner should be your lightest meal. Your body wants and needs the fuel energy during the day when it is active – not at night when it is not.

3.    Don't starve – When your calories fall below 1,000 per day, your body goes into slow down mode. If your goal is to lose weight fast, then DO NOT starve yourself!

4.    Eat frequently and eat more – Smaller, more frequent meals keeps your blood sugar stable and provides a steady source of energy to fuel metabolism.

5.    Exercise – Exercise provides a boost at any time of the day, but when done in the mornings, it is especially helpful by raising your metabolism all day. Add weight training or progressive resistance exercise that builds muscle for ever more results.Muscle burns more calories than fat, and the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest!

6.    Hydrate yourself – For effective cleansing of your system make sure to drink plenty of water. Make water consumption a part of your routine.

7.    Get enough B vitamins – Energy is also fueled by Vitamin B-12. If you are not sure of your B vitamin intake, look into supplements. Before long you will notice a drastic increase in your level of energy which means your metabolism has been fired up also!

For best results to lose weight fast, don't add everything at once. Add a step a week.

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