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Dealing with Fat Thighs: Cardio vs. Interval

Observation will tell you that cardiovascular training actually works for some people who want to lose wright.Acloser look will let you know that the ones losing the pounds are those who are younger men and have enough freedom for long workouts. Still cardio won't help you lose 20 pounds.

You'll find that this kind of experience with cardiovascular routines is the exception, not the rule.Women can experience fatter thighs as a result of cardiovascular fitness, not matter how much they work.

If you are one who has benefitted through cardiovascular exercise, you're not making the best use of your time.Once more, you're not going to reach your potential by relying on cardiovascular fitness. In fact, research shows that it makes you want to eat more.

There's no doubt that there is a minority that has burned pounds using cardio, but there is a much larger majority that has gained weight through cardio.

There's nothing so disappointing as working out all the time and getting bigger rather than smaller. The study I'm referencing was done over an 8 week period and showed that one of the reasons cardio fails is because it boosts appetite: those involved ate more than ever. You can talk about this in the weight loss forum.

If you think that's helpful, than just stick with cardio. It sounds bad to me. How will you reach your goal this way? A similar study that has been released shows that the ones who do lose weight through cardio only lose about 6 lbs over the course of a whole year.

You'll understand that by spending sixty minutes six times weekly is a lot to spend for six pounds in a year.

Once more, studies continue to show that cardiovascular routines are not effective for losing fat.Twice, a comparison between intervals and cardio for weight loss has revealed differences.Every time intervals are shown to be more effecctive for weight loss than cardiovasuclar training. So I continue to suggest interval training to promote rapid weight loss.


How To Get Lean Without Aerobics

People are always asking me ways to work out should they be stranded outside civilization somewhere.Without electricity, machines, and television sets, a lot of people just don't know what to do. You can lose 20 pounds without anything but you.

This sounds like it's somewhere in the jungle, but it can also be similar to the conditions at a hotel or at home. The good news is that you can build muscle and improve your body composition without any equipment.

The simple fact is that the mass of your body can be leveraged to your advantage. Here's a good example of a good workout that you can build on for your own routine.

One: A high movement activity like side-straddle-hops or in-place running.

#2 - Squats with each hand in back of the neck to help your back's higher section.

#3 - Simple push-ups done from a kneel or from a standard position. Get some more suggestions from a weight loss forum.

Four: 1-leg routines such as the lunge.

#5 - Work for the back's high section via the pull up, chin up, inverse row, or rowing with DBs or bands.

#6 - A different 1-leg routine like a splitting squat.

Seven: Abs movements that involve the entire body. Climbers are a possible choice.

Eight: Choose a quick moving drill like burpees, jumpropes, or sprints to wrap up.Perform all eight categories without pause so it's a continuous series with a set count for each.

You should repeat this series 2-3 cycles. You want to make sure you get a good workout that stresses your body, but you don't want to overdo it either. Assuming you make an honest effort at this sequence, someone who is new to fitness should limit themselves to one cycle until you get acclimated.

You won't need to be stuck on an island to benefit from this kind of routine: you can do it right now. You'll also enjoy experiencing rapid weight loss.


Keep The Fat Out Of Your Body For Good!

I saw a big discussion in a weight loss forum about what happens to fat cells after the fat is burned. There is good reason to be concerned about fat even after it is burned. Once your fat is burned, the fat cells remain ready and willing to store fat again.

These fat cells stand ready to be filled up again with new fat: they are smaller,but can still hold a lot of fat when necessary.Let's look at what happens when fat is burned.

In order to be burned, fat is removed from the fat storage cells and sent to tissues that require energy in the form of free fatty acids. What presents the lean appearance is not that the fat cells are gone, but that the fat inside those cells has been used up. To learn how to lose weight fast, you will have to learn to burn fat.

In earlier times, biologists believe that the number of fat cells was constant once a person reaches adulthood. But now we know that cells that are used for fat storage not only can increase in size, but can increase in quantity as well. Certain stages of life make a person more apt to accumulate more fat cells, and some people seem more inclined to create more fat cells than others.

Since the body remains ready to accommodate large amounts of additional fat in the cells that continue to exist, it is able to replace the fat that has been burn quite easily. This should help you understand the importance of maintaining a regimen that burns fat: you can't get rid of the fat cells, which you can keep those fat cells empty and small.

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How To Be Motivated By The Biggest Losers

As seen on the Biggest Loser television show, practically everyone has their own explanation for why they have gained weight. just like on the Biggest Loser. Weight gain can result from medical conditions, like various types of thyroid problems, or from a broad range of emotional issues like depression.

Even without increased intake, some vital prescriptions can provoke major gains in body weight.When people have too much stress like family problems or academic pressures they sometimes eat more and thus become bigger.

For some people, being popular actually becomes a serious problem: other people always want them to go eat with them, causing them to eat too much unhealthy food. Regardless of how you became overweight, learning how to lose weight fast is probably the most important thing that's on your mind. the thing to think about now is how to lose weight fast. Growing up, I was always quite a bit overweight even though I didn't eat very much.

Finally, when I was seventeen, I found out that I had a thyroid problem that was the underlying factor for my weight. Vividly illustrating the problems associated with being overweight is one thing the television show did to help me.

Even thought the people on the show became overweight through different circumstances, they had to come to grips with the need to lose weight just like I had to. Seeing how much better people felt when they reached their goals inspired me to find new ways to exercise and to develop a more active lifestyle.

Watching people on television become losers encouraged me to become a loser myself!

Take note of the happiness enjoyed by the losers on television, then get to work and become a loser yourself!

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Learn To Get Skinny By Watching Everyone Else

To me, observing the way people act is just as important as gaining knowledge through reading material and experience. So, I get a lot of insight when people talk to me and ask questions about fitness and exercise.

I learned a lot about what works for people and how they think.I don't give unsolicited advice so don't worry if you're not interested in what I have to say.

On my recent vacation, of all the people out in the sun at the different resorts, us all about four people out of close to 1000 that had six-pack abs.Being aware that people behave differently while on vacation, I want you to know that I am just observing how physically fit they were. If you'll start recognizing people with various body shapes and the way they act however, you will notice some important things.

Here are a few examples to help you understand what I mean:First, look at the woman who is always first to get the sweets in the kitchen, but always complains that you can't lose weight. She needs to stay out of the kitchen and find some ways how to lose weight fast.

Then there's that guy who drink soda all day and skips breakfast who wonders why he can't get rid of his beer gut. By acting the way he does no wonder he has a beer gut! He needs to get healthy foods to eat.

Finally, there's the girl who everyone complains about because she's always eating junk food yet stays slim.

Looking below the surface helps you understand that the girl does not eat as much as it seems. My point is that there are good reasons why people are fit for fat, and they have to do with a person's lifestyle. Look long and hard at the people around you and you'll understand why some are physically fit and while others are total failures when it comes to weight management.

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Burn Fat Fast The Easy Way... Follow This Tip

The ONE Thing about diet you need to know¦
To make it Work!

Successful diets include a day off Most people don't take that day off and others use it to destroy their whole week!

Effective diet plans encourage people to take their day off and use it wisely. Read the rest of this entry »

Discover How A Healthy Colon Can Help You Lose Weight Fast

The medical community has come to a consensus that a majority of body ailments and diseases originate in the colon.

If fecal matter is not gotten rid of normally then it starts to become toxic in your body. The body continues to absorb nutrients AND toxins from the waste.

When this happens, your fat cells suck up toxins making it extremely hard to lose weight fast. The high amount of acid given off in the colon encourages microbes to start releasing carcinogenic substances, possibly leading to colon cancer.

Colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer in the world, as well as the third leading cause of cancer-related death in the western world.

It is important to note that the western diet has progressively evolved to include smaller and smaller amounts of raw food.  We are the hamburger generation, after all. Of course, fast fat burning is quickly becoming harder and harder for our generation.

One of the easiest ways to benefit colon health is adding raw fiber to diet. Raw fiber is provided by raw vegetables and fruits. It may take a little bit of thinking ahead at first if you are not used to it, but it can quickly become second nature to balance your diet and include fiber.

Here’s how to boost your colon health:

Where’s that Fruit? – How about adding an orange instead of orange juice?  Or a banana with a glass of milk on the run?

Help Yourself to a Salad – You can eat a salad with anything and you can eat as much of it as you want (just stay away from the heavy dressing). Mixing Olive Oil, Balsalmic Vinigrette and a splash of lemon juice makes a great healthy salad dressing that won't make you fat.

Nutty Snacks
– Eating these in the proper portions can give you a great weight loss boost. Nuts and seeds contain protein and healthy fats that your body needs to stay healthy. They also include fiber.

Grains – Switch to whole grain - any whole grain – from your regular bleached, enriched white bread and you make a huge jump to adding fiber in your diet.  Whole grains also reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, and provide you several B vitamins and Iron as a bonus.

Taking care of your colon health is vitally important for your health and to lose weight fast. Turning these tips into a lifestyle change will slim your waist line and protect your health.

6 Important Tips To Ultimate Fat Burning...Fast

6 Important tips for dieting

Diet and losing weight is becoming more and more important in everyone’s life nowadays. Even those who usually seem to never care about it, most of them do now!

Because of all the fast food, soda, sweets as well as the lack of exercise due to the lack of time in our lives with all the work and duties we have to do. Implementing regular exercise routines, results in a fast fat burning metabolism.

There is a solution. Here are the most important 10 things about diet and losing weight to keep in mind when considering a diet program.

1-    Calories: To lose weight burn more calories than you consume.

Instead of telling you what to eat and what not to eat, it is more important for you to understand how the calories system work, not to just blindly follow a list of meals

2-    Diversify: Nothing is worse than a monotone diet, you can’t eat the same types and quantities of food everyday!

A good diet offers variety. There is no problem to repeat a selection twice a week, but no one can eat the same food everyday; especially if considering a long term diet.

3-    Nutrition: It is crucial to know how nutritious your meals are, in a program, and focus on what elements they give your body; not only how many calories it contains. Lowering your intake of daily fats will help you burn fat fast.

4-    Consistency: Burn the same what you burn everyday! Don’t get fooled into believing a diet alone will burn off the fat.

People who follow a diet without exercise have minimal results.

5-    Be Positive: Have a positive attitude toward dieting.
If you can’t eat what you want, want what you eat! Always focus on how the diet will make you healthier, lose weight and look and feel better.

6-    Take a break: Every diet program should include a break. A one day break where your body can relax and you can choose something you desire to eat.

Remember to keep counting calories even on your free day.  If you eat a lot that day, eat in the morning and exercise.

Exercise is the best fast fat burning method there is.  And if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime!

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Seven Tips To Burn Fat Fast On Your Days Off From Work And Working Out

The best way to use your diet’s day off

Are you dieting? Take a break! It one of the most essential factors of a diet plan’s success; as it helps your body release all the stress and emotional distress which your body accumulated during the whole past week.

Holding on to stress and negativity can cause your diet to backfire. Staying relaxed and focused throughout your diet will help you lose weight fast. So here are some hot tips on how to best use this day off, in order to get the maximum benefit out of it.

1-    Plan your day off: don’t gain on that day what you’ve been trying to lose all week!! Always keep track of the calories you eat – even on the day off.

Especially if you are depending more on the diet than on exercise in your plan of losing weight

2-    Burn those calories: take a day off, eat what you want; but we want to burn those calories, nonetheless. A bit of physical activity goes a long way in burning calories. Exercise is the best way to burn fat fast.

3-    Make it a Weekend day: it’s very healthy to put your day off on a weekend day. On a day where you don’t have to go to work, where you don’t face stress in anyway.

Take advantage of your free day and spend it in an enjoyable way.

4-    Have fun! The more you enjoy that day, not only the food but the whole day as well, the more you will be able to stick to your diet the next week and the more successfully you will be able to release all the stress, emotional distress, re-adjust your metabolism and lower your cholesterol

5-    Choose your free day food so the experience of having eaten it will last the rest of the week when you are back to dieting. But in both cases, don’t let it get out of your hands.

6-    Prioritize: make a list of all what you want to eat in an order of priority. Making a list will help you stick to it.

Don’t go for the natural “availability bias” – to eat what’s available and closer to you instead of what you really want. Don’t do that, at least not on your day off! Of course if you choose things that contain less fat it will help you to burn fat fast.

7-    Timing: always eat in the morning rather than at night, and remember to split your meals in 3-5 small meals rather than one meal of a huge quantity as it will take your body longer to digest and burn.
I wish you success!

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How To Burn Fat With These Extra Ordinary Tips For Fast Results

Some advice to lose weight

Whether you’re just considering going on a diet or are already on one, here are some tips that can help. You all know how the calories system works, the importance of the free day in a diet program, the importance of exercising and burning more calories than consumed. It is commonly known that if you decrease your calorie intake you will burn fat fast.

Here are a few tips you may not know.

Losing weight is not only about calories… there are many other variables that affect this system, like cholesterol, for example, it is a major factor in gaining weight. Stress is another indirect reason, it raises your cholesterol.

And stress is usually not only from the severe diet and from your unsatisfied desires, by stress I mean stress from everything, work, deadlines, kids, problems, everything…

These few tips will help you succeed on your diet.

1-    Many people can’t wait for whole 6 days until the free day to eat what they want. Some people crave a certain food type or item more than anything or anybody else.

Some people like my sister, crave chocolate for example. Chocolate cakes, bars, syrup, pan-cakes, she’d put chocolate on a T-bone steak if she could! However, if you can restrict yourself and make the whole week it will help your body burn fat fast.

In this case a day off may not work as well. In this case allowing yourself something small that you crave a few times during the week would work best.

But remember to include it in your calories calculations and don’t eat it just before you sleep.

2-    If you teach yourself to enjoy what you eat, it will be easier to get to the free day.

3-    On your free day consume more calories than normal. The metabolism works better when you occasionally switch up the calories .

Keeping the metabolism at a low level can cause you to gain pounds quickly when you stop your diet.

4-    Remember to stay STRESS-FREE whenever you’re on a diet. It will just sabotage the whole thing for you

5-    Monitor your cholesterol, now that you’re stress free, if you have any cholesterol problem, remember to keep it under control as it will work against your weight-loss plan

6-    Always keep in mind how much effort you put into this, make it your own cause. It’s like quitting cigarettes, it takes a lot of effort to start, but the more effort you give, the more you won’t let it go in vain. Especially when you start seeing results. Determination in sticking with your diet will help you lose weight fast.

7-    Finally, it will become a habit – a healthy lifestyle and nutrition is what you should seek

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