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Dr. Jeffrey Epstein is really a world-famous reconstructive surgeon on face and hair procedures. He is often interviewed by the media and his youtube videos of his surgical procedures are viewed by lots of people, but the most important aspect is the fact that he possess the correct credentials as a surgeon. A good number of fake doctors adorn their walls with fake diplomas and certificates most of which are forgeries but Dr. Epstein, on the other hand, is the Founder and Director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration has much more than 15 years of experience as proof of his competence. He also has certifications in hair restoration surgery and Otolaryngology.

Dr Jeffrey Epstein also devotes his time to philanthropic work, where he provides pro-bono reconstructive surgery to kids and other people of require.

Jeffrey Epstein, although world famous for his hair transplants, also is unique for his abilities as a facial and body plastic surgeon. He often fixes those poorly constructed jobs, where well-meaning, but naive patients saw doctors not skilled in the art of rhinoplasty surgery. For example, Jeffrey saw a teen who had twenty years earlier, a rhinoplasty surgical operation on her nose, which she was unhappy with. The surgery failed to give out the results that the client wanted and instead it made the situation worse. Suffering for years with this nose, she undertook revisionist rhinoplasty surgery by Jeffery Epstein, in a ninety-minute procedure, which completely changed her attitude about her nose. During the surgery the excess cartilage was removed, the existing bone and cartilage are sculpted and then a little amount of ear cartilage was used to be able to reinforce the tip cartilage to be able to come with a well defined nasal tip. Her smile told Jeffrey Epstein everything. The 90 minute process restored all the self-confidence she lost.

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein specializes within the following procedures: revision rhinoplasty/septorhinoplasty, facelifting and neck-lifting, otoplasty, brow-lifting, and blepharoplasty.
Dr Epstein is also recognized for his exemplary work in hair transplants and skin grafting, and is globally recognized as one of the leaders in this field.

You can drop be his offices at Miami and New York, he also accepts consultations on a regular basis at Boca Raton and Tampa, Florida. For patients located in New York, his full-time associate Yael Halaas, M.D., FACS can accommodate them in their New York Office. Fully bilingual in Spanish and English, Dr Halaas' has a special interest in facial plastic surgery and non-invasive procedures such as such as non-surgical facial fillers and laser treatments. Please take a look at Jeffrey Epstein's internet site for more info and obtainable schedules.

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