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Losing Weight With the Cookie Diet

The appellation "Cookie Diet" is one of the few diet affairs wherein it uses accolade to ascendancy ache in abode of commons as a agency to lower calorie intake. Cookie diets have very low calories made for those who want to attain significant weight loss in a short-term basis.

The first weight loss cookie diet was made by Dr. Sanford Siegel in the southern allotment of the accompaniment of Florida for his patients in the year 1975. The diet was to consume six cookies a day and a dinner. With the very low calorie cookie, it is recommended that of you want to go on this kind of diet, you must first consult your doctor. However, if you appetite to lose weight, rather than arresting a burger sandwich, you can alter that bite with cookies. Today, not only does Dr. Siegel action accolade but has added soups and all-overs as well.

The other diet involving cookies for weight loss is Smart for Life. This diet was developed by Dr. Sasson Moulavi with Dr. Siegel aftermost 2002 but after on went absolute in 2006. It may not use the compound fabricated by Dr. Siegel but the diet plan were pretty much the same. However, in Smart for Life, it gives importance in having healthy attitudes concerning food, exercise, vitamin injections and supplements as an addition to the diet. This diet needs medical consultation first.

The latest craze today involving weight loss cookies is the Hollywood Cookie Diet. It is the aforementioned with the aboriginal two cookie diet affairs but it is accessible after prescription. With this diet, exercise is not a allotment of the program.

There are hundreds of weight loss cookie diet recipes available through the internet. It all involves making cookies for short-term weight loss. Examples of this are Diabetic Diet Cookies, Diet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Diet Raising Cookies, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Quick Diet Cookies, and Diet Applesauce Drop Cookies, Ada French Sponge Cookies, Amish Sugar Cookies to name some. You can download this recipes after advantageous anything.

Even if it says that you can activate accomplishing this weight accident affairs application cookies, it is best that you should ask the doctor first. They can be actual big-ticket but is will get added big-ticket if you get into agitation from accident cogent weight in a abbreviate aeon of time. Also, cookie diet recipes involves some capacity that could be allergic to you. A counterbalanced diet and able exercise is still the best way to accretion a advantageous weight. Remember, a weight accident done instantly will be acquired alert in a abbreviate bulk of time as well.

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