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Gastric Band Testimonial from Diane Newton for Tullia Law

Testimonial For Tullial Law

dated 23 Nov 2005

Dear Tullia,

I am writing following my ‘Tummy Tuck’ operation
The consultations on 23rd November 2005 were conducted in a friendly and professional manner. Both Doctors* were very understanding when discussing the proposed tummy tuck and liposuction Every aspect was talked about and I was immediately put at ease.

It was apparent that the doctor was very experienced in this kind of operation having some thirty years experience this kind of plastic surgery. He showed a compassion, and knowledge that was very important to me.

The operation took approximately two hours and I was back in the ward by midday which was very satisfactory. By late afternoon both Doctors visited me to check on my progress and both spent a good amount of time assuring both my husband and I of my progress and giving us all the necessary advice.

In all I spent four nights in hospital and all the nurses were very professional and kind. The Doctors visited me every day before my departure to England which was very assuring. Also my husband and I spent those four nights in a large bedroom and all meals were brought to us.

So finally I would like to thank wholeheartedly those Doctors for such a personal and professional approach to changing my profile. They both had the perfect bedside manner and caring attitude which I so appreciated.

I would also like to thank all the nurses and staff at the Clinique who were so dedicated to looking after me. There cheerfulness bedside manner and professionalism were really apparent.

Tullia, can I also thank you for all the help and advice you gave us during all of this time. Could you kindly please translate my comments into French and pass them on if you will to all the doctors and nurses involved.

Diane Newton
*Doctors names not shown at their request.

Posted By:- Geoff Lord


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Core Value Eating

Who is additional doubtless to sustain fascinating weight, the valued self or the devalued self?

If you believe it's onerous to lose weight and keep it off as a result of you lack one thing, like discipline, can power, or just good judgment, your efforts can return from shame of what you're, instead of value of your health and well being.

When the shame gets exhausting, distracting, confusing, or overwhelming, because it perpetually does, human nature makes us revert to the acquainted, that needs so much less mental energy. That means the recent eating habits.

Your problem in reaching and maintaining your desired weight isn't due to non-public failings. You have masses of discipline – you have got saw therefore much trouble time and time once more to lose weight. You actually have will power or you wouldn’t keep attempting once each failure.

The matter lies not in you, however in your weight-loss programs, which set you up to fail.

No weight management program can succeed by dominating your consciousness with food and weight. This truly will increase the unconscious impulse to eat.

Setting "goals" for weight loss makes you fail within the long run. In other words, you win some, you lose some. In the future, winning and losing even out and put you back at your original weight, if not higher.

No weight management program will succeed unless it helps you regulate the core hurts that build you overeat and attack food.

A successful program should develop a conditioned response to manage eating automatically. Otherwise, you may have to try to to the close to impossible: “stop and suppose regarding it,” when swept up during a rush to eat.

With Core Value Eating, you stop thinking so much regarding weight and begin wanting at yourself and others with additional compassion.

Instead of constructing goals, you create a lot of worth in your life. You price yourself additional, which automatically causes you to price your health and well being.

You learn to motivate yourself with "Acts of Kindness," particularly once you relapse. (Who are a lot of probably to repeat mistakes, people who punish themselves with guilt or shame or people who price themselves?)

Compassionate eating conditions Core Worth to occur with the impulse to eat. The reflex of Core Price will then inspire whatever you do, as well as food consumption.
Begin Core Worth Eating with an inventory of 5 “Acts of Kindness” you'll do for yourself when you have got a temporary relapse of overeating or an attack on food. The point is to change the motivation to eat from avoiding core hurts to experiencing Core Value. In creating your list, suppose of what will facilitate your eat from your Core Price next time.

With Core Price Eating, you learn to view your cores hurts compassionately, and once they occur, to appear for the sunshine of Core Value.

In that light, emanating from deep within, you'll not have to stress concerning “managing” your weight. Your Core Worth can do it for you.

Core Price makes us worthy by motivating us to accept, price, love, and, most important, feel compassion for self and others.

Health and well being rely way more on how a lot of we worth than how abundant we tend to are valued, although we have a tendency to’re a lot additional sensitive to the latter. You're most likely quite attentive to the days in your life once you didn’t feel valued in relationships at work or at home. What you probably did not notice is that those were times once you valued far less.

Here’s a little test to indicate the ability of value. List of the qualities that you believe build someone warrant love. Just think of individuals who you believe are lovable, and list their most lovable qualities.

Your list consists of numerous aspects of compassion. You have got described a one that is accepting, valuing, and loving, someone who makes an emotional investment in others, not simply herself. You have got described somebody who is compassionate.

When you are feeling compassion for yourself and others, you can't feel a core hurt and you do not have an impulse to overeat.

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