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Cataract Surgery Costs Less in France

Cataract Surgery in France cost less Testimonial for Tullia Law

Testimonial from Chrisopher B For Tullia Law

posted 1 July 2011

Cataract Surgery magnificent service in France

This is to let others know what a magnificent service Tullia Law of Laser Clinic supplied to me this June.

I had had a lot of trouble obtaining satisfactory glasses for about a year when I arranged a consultation in Calais with Tullia to see Dr Benoit Regnaut, an ophthalmic surgeon. He diagnosed cataracts and within 6 weeks I had had both eyes operated on.

This entailed removal of cataracts and implantation of permanent lenses into both eyes. This was done under local anaesthetic (painless)and I am really surprised and pleased with the results. I now only need glasses for the smallest print and my iPhone!

Tullia organised everything brilliantly and kept me informed throughout the process. What could have been a disconcerting episode was turned into a very positive experience by the charm and organisation ability of Tullia and the skill and fantastic expertise of Dr Regnaut and all the team at the Clinic.

many thanks Tullia and the team

Christopher B
(full name and address supplied)

Posted By:- Geoff Lord

At Laser Clinics (France) Ltd we specialise in providing useful advice about Cosmetic Surgery Operations and Laser Vision correction, catarct surgery Operations, and gloucoma treatments of all types.

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Tullia Law

Tullia Law is the Senior Co-coordinator for the Laser Clinics (France) Ltd.

Tullia Law Manages all of the interaction between Prospects, Clients, Patients, Doctors and all of the various Clinics and Hospitals to which the Company (Laser Clinics (France) Ltd Refers Clients.

Tullia has many Years experience in this capacity having established an excellent working relationship with all of the Hospitals, Surgeons and Aftercare specialist with whom she works. It is a demanding  job, keeping track of all  of the prospects, the Clinics, dates and times of appointments for clients and co-ordinating all of the functions of the Hospitals.

Consider also that there are so many hospitals and then so many procedures which she has to have a good general knowledge of to be able to advise and make recommendations to prospects. Here are Just a few of the procedures which Tullia has to manage

    Gastric Band surgery
    gastric bypass surgery
    tummy tucks
    breast augmentations of all kinds
    face lifts of all Kinds
    varicose veins
    Eye-care including glaucoma, cataract surgery and Laser vision correction

Not only does Tullia Look after all of the day to day functions she also Co-ordinates between the Webmaster and Internet marketing campaigns. Keeping track of all of these Functions would be a nightmare for most people, but Tullia takes it all in her stride and, in her terms, "just gets on with the job"

Tullia says that she gets great satisfaction from all of these interactions, especially enjoying all of the very nice people who enquire about the many services which the Company offers.

Tullia wishes to thank everyone who contributes to this Forum also, and just to add yet another job to her list she intends to be an active member of this forum too.

Here is a list of the Websites which are owned and operated by Laser Clinics (France) Ltd

Yes. Believe it or not Tullia Law has to Co-ordinate all the interactions between all of the those sites, Prospects, clients, surgeons, Clinics, Hospitals, and aftercare centres.

All I can say is "keep up the Good Work Tullia"

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