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Why Gastric Band Surgery

Gastric Band surgery

Why Gastric band surgery ?

Body mass index is denoted as BMI in short. When people have higher body mass index value above normal they are declared obese. When the Body Mass Index value is above 40 ( over weight for more than five years ) and all strict exercises and diet controls gives only a short term result, the person goes for Gastric band surgery to reduce weight . It follows bariatric surgical procedure. This surgical technique is used for obese patients.

How is it performed ?

In this technique a prosthetic device which is made of silicon is introduced into the Gastrointestinal tract. This band like structure is adjustable. After inserting the band, it is placed around the upper part of the stomach region and stitched. By doing this the stomach is divided into two pouches.One is relatively smaller than the other. The smaller pouch is now used for digestive purpose so that the active digestive part of the stomach is reduced. As soon as the smaller pouch is filled with the food, he/she feels a state of fullness and so food intake is greatly reduced. This in turn reduces the food intake by the obese person.

The band introduced is adjustable by filling and dispensing fluids into the pouch of the band. Initially the pouch is connected to a reservoir tube that lies under the skin. This is placed during the Colonoscopy process. Gastric band surgery ensure seventy to seventy five percent of average excessive weight loss.

Benefits of undergoing Gastric band surgery :

!. It is very simple. It takes very minimal time to undergo this surgery.
2. There needs no longer hospital stay.
3. The band can be removed in case of any illness or during the pregnancy period.
4. It is suitable for almost all age groups and all kinds of body conditions.
5. The risk of malnutrition is low in Gastric Band surgery.

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Is Gastric Band Obesity and Weight Loss On Your Mind

Obesity and weight loss are the two main things which are perpetually in the minds of those of you who are obese. You may be doing plenty of exercise, you may have experimented with all the obvious weight loss solutions, or tried a variety of the different weight loss meals which are available in supermarkets, health food shops. or on line. You may even have tried attending obesity and weight loss seminars and purchased one or more of the many weight loss CDs which you can find around on the open market.

Yet here you are, standing on the weighing scale wondering why the finger pointer keeps creeping higher and higher with each new day. The thing to do is not to be impatient. You are not the only one in this situation.

There are now many alternatives available for people such as yourself. There are literally thousands of weight loss and diet programs available. The other alternative is of course Surgery.

There are now several choices available to you. Gastric band surgery, lap band surgery, gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, gastric balloon and some other new developments are reported to be in the pipeline.

Gastric band surgery is still the most popular and widely used surgery. Many surgeons prefer it for its simplicity and ease of management in relation to after care. There are also few known problems and the success rate is extremely high. To qualify for gastric band surgery you need to have a BMI of over 35, so check you BMI to see if you qualify.

If you are desperate to lose weight then gastric band surgery could be the best solution for you.

Is The Gastric Balloon an alternative for the Gastric Band?

Gastric band or gastric balloon?

There are many occasions when people want to lose weight, or need to lose weight for medical reasons who can not qualify for gastric band or gastric sleeve operations because they have a BMI below 35.  It is now possible however for those people to elect for a gastric balloon.

What is a gastric balloon?
An Intragastric Balloon is a non-surgical operation which is designed to help people to lose weight when they have a BMI below the normal threshold for gastric band surgery. The procedure involves inserting a non-fixed saline solution filled silicone balloon in to stomach. This has the effect of reducing the eating capacity and calorie intake of the person. Initially, whilst the patients is under a minimal dose of anaesthetic the gastric balloon is introduced to the stomach through the oesophagus in a deflated condition. Once the surgeon is happy that the balloon is correctly placed inside the somach it is filled with the solution. This whole process takes around 20-30 minutes.

When can the Gastric Balloon be fitted?
They can be fitted to people with a BMI between 27 and 35 who need to lose  betwen 10-15kg reasonably quickly. The fitting of a gastric balloon is also suitable in cases where the person does not want to undergo surgery for medical or other reasons.  Normally gastric band surgery is only offered to patients with a BMI of Over 35, however, for some people who need to lose weight for medical or other social problems they can now have this alternative fitted. The person must be suitably motived to be able to follow a strict diet regime following surgery.

What are the benefits of the gastric balloon over the gastric Band?
The benefits of this type of surgery is the lower cost when compared to the more expensive full surgical procedures such as the gastric band or the gastric sleeve.  The gastric balloon typically remains inside the stomach for approximately 6 months. The targeted weight loss is generally expected to be in the region of 10-15kg. Pateints are then expected to maintain at least a further 6 months weight loss program following the removal.

Obesity - The Facts

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For many, obesity and overweight weigh in as one and the same thing. Yet the 2 are actually different. Obesity is much more serious than being overweight. The measure for obesity and overweight, a measure called Body Mass Index is used. To arrive at your BMI, you need to take your weight and divide it by the square of your height in metres.
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Keep up to date with all of the latest News on Weight Loss and Gastric Band surgery.

For many, obesity and overweight weigh in as one and the same thing. Yet the 2 are actually different. Obesity is much more serious than being overweight. The measure for obesity and overweight, a measure called Body Mass Index is used. To arrive at your BMI, you need to take your weight and divide it by the square of your height in metres.
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Things You Have to Know about Safe Diet Pills

Some products on the market simply will not work, as they do not contain ingredients that have been proven to promote weight loss, or contain too little active ingredient to be effective. The most general bad diet pills, the ones with the worst bad side effects, are not surprisingly those that are prescribed. In actuality, many aides that are safe diet pills, as well as effective, are those that are derived from the natural ingredients that prescriptions try to mimic with synthetic substances.

The medical world created quite a stir when the magic of diet pills intervened and successfully reported 5 to 10% of body weight loss! These pills though considered phenomenal in the weight reduction program yet they are meant only for short term usage and are used in conjunction with diet restriction and exercise. In all, prescription diet pills are not stand alones in weight loss management and to understand their basic nature we will have to study the basic nature of anorectic drugs.

Don’t think, just because they are recommended by your doctor does not mean they are save diet pills for you. You can also gain knowledge of different warning signs and dangers diet pills present. Call them up, speak to a representative and see how forthcoming they are about the diet pills and their ingredients. A manufacturer of safe diet pills should have nothing to hide.

It is sad, that even with all of today’s technology, there are companies producing and marketing bad diet pills that are either harmful, not effective or both.


Drug therapy in weight loss program is always used along with exercise regimen and diet control. It is an ongoing struggle and therefore used only in extreme cases of obesity with a BMI over 30. There is no magic in reaching ideal or dream weight and these exist only in utopian fantasy! The only way of dealing with obesity is having a strong support system to help one fight the battle with patience and sincerity.

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According to various researchers from all over the world, an estimated 300,000 American deaths a year are related to obesity. The risk of premature death rises with increasing weight. Individuals who are obese with BMI greater than 30 have increased risk of premature death from all causes, compared to individuals with a healthy weight, according to experts, doctors and a Dietrine review. With this in mind, one thing can lead to another and when you have increased your weight, there is a possibility that you get an increased risk of heart disease that could lead to a possible heart attack. Yes, the risk of heart attack is increased in persons who are overweight. High blood pressure is twice as common in adults who are obese than in those who are at a healthy weight. Obesity is associated with high triglycerides and decreased HDL cholesterol. But according to Dietrine reviews, it is possible that you can also get rid of this problem without going for medications or any prescriptions. But how?

These days, a lot of people are turning their heads, again, on some natural treatments for many different health problems even obesity. For instance, a person who wanted to get rid of his simple headache will never touch again paracetamol medicines. What he can do is to either go for some efficascent oil to rub it against his temple or he can go for herbal supplements. This is the same as with Dietrine, a natural diet product that involves one thing: blocking the body from absorbing too many carbohydrates. So that means, it is a program concentrating on a low-carb diet. Well, not exactly. With Dietrine, you can eat as much carbohydrate as you can and Dietrine will neutralize the digestive enzymes in your system before it can convert starch into glucose which decreases the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body.

An Explanation of the BMI Calculator

In the mid 1800’s Belgian scientist Adolphe Quetelet developed the Quetelet index, which is known today as the body mass index (BMI). This statistical measurement compares a person’s height and weight and is a useful tool to identify weight problems within a population or for an individual. Though a BMI Calculator cannot measure the actual percentage of body fat, its ease of calculation makes it a popular diagnostic tool for health experts.

The body mass index is defined as an individual’s body weight (in kilograms) divided by the height (in meters) squared.

For imperial units, the formula is modified as follows:

Height in Inches: [weight (lb)* 703] / [height (in) * height (in)] Height in Feet: [weight (lb) * 4.88] / [height (ft) * height (ft)]

Body mass index was always intended to be a general guide for health professionals. However, doctors must consider other factors on a case-by-case basis. For example, muscle density, bone density, and ethnic origin can skew the results of a BMI Calculator. For a general guideline, the body mass index is broken into separate categories outlined below with the corresponding BMI: Severely Underweight – Less than 16.5 Underweight – 16.5 to 18.5 Normal – 18.5 to 25 Overweight – 25 to 30 Obese Class I – 30 to 35 Obese Class II – 35 to 40 Obese Class III – Over 40

Using the BMI Calculator, a health and nutrition survey in 1994 found that 59% of American men and 49% of women have a body mass index over 25.  In America individuals with a BMI higher than 40 are considered morbidly obese, which accounts for 2% of men and 4% of women. A more recent survey in 2007 shows an increase in America’s weight, with 63% of Americans considered overweight and 26% in the obese category. For individuals who are underweight, a BMI close to 15 is an indicator of starvation, and 17.5 is an informal indicator of eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa.

It is very common to consider the BMI Calculator in the medical underwriting of private health insurance plans. Providers will use a high BMI as a cut-off point to raise insurance rates or deny coverage. Furthermore, the BMI is often used by surgeons to determine if a patient qualifies the Gastric Band procedure. Typically, doctors are looking for a BMI of 35 or higher when considering potential candidates. Each case should be considered on an individual basis, but the BMI calculator does serve as a useful tool.

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Obesity is the second leading cause of preventable deaths in America. The most related illnesses to obesity are diabetes and heart diasease. The aim of obesity surgery, also known as weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery is to limit the amount of your food intake. Although there are a number of surgeries that can be carried out, the most famous ones are gastric bypass surgery and stomach banding.

Gastric bypass surgery, one form of obesity surgery, is a fast Read the rest of this entry »

The Surgical Weight Loss San Antonio Promotes Is Found at BMI of Texas

Are you considering surgical weight loss San Antonio? San Antonio is a city that has a few options if that is something you decide to do. This is a topic that should not be taken lightly and it is important to understand that this isn't a good option for everyone but there are some people who have positive results with weight loss after getting the surgery. If you do decide to go for it and get something like bariatric surgery, TX is a good state to get it done.

Is surgical weight loss for You?

Surgical weight loss is not intended for everyone. San Antonio is a good city to have it done if you do decide to get it though. However, before you get to that point you will have to decide if this is the best option for you. These include the amount of weight you need to lose or whether or not you're healthy enough to get the surgery. You'll need to discuss your options with your doctor before you make any final decisions.

What is surgical weight loss?

A lot of people decide to get bariatric surgery TX without really understanding what it is. They may understand that it is a type of surgery that helps them lose weight but they may not understand exactly what it entails. Basically it is a type of surgery that blocks off a portion of the stomach by banding it. It is important to find a physician who is well versed in this surgery so that the process will go smoothly. By the way, if you want bariatric surgery, TX is a good state to have it in.

Who can have weight loss surgery?

The best candidates for this type of procedure are those who have tried weight loss programs in the past and it hasn't proved successful. Because the procedure is intense, most doctors looks at this as a last resort reserved for the dangerously obese. People who don't have that much weight to lose are not the best candidates. Check with your doctor to see if you're eligible.

Does the surgery guarantee weight loss?

This question doesn't have a simple yes or no answer. The procedure does work in that it helps promote weight loss. But the weight loss comes because the patient understands that the stomach is smaller and can't hold as much food. They also become committed to eating well and taking care of their bodies after surgery. The procedure doesn't result in the weight loss the patient will have by altering her or his habits. If the habits are not altered and they continue to eat whatever they want then the weight will eventually creep back on. Lasting weight loss takes a commitment.

Can the weight come back after the surgery?

If the patient is not very careful, the weight can and will creep back on. The reason this procedure works so well is because the stomach is small and requires less, which makes it easier to make wise choices. However, it's always possible to gain weight. Weight loss and gain are both a result of simple math. If you burn more calories than you consume then you will lose weight. If the opposite of this is true then you will gain it.

If you need to lose a large amount of weight, then you should seriously consider surgical weight loss. San Antonio has a lot of options as far as doctors who can perfrom bariatric surgery. Before you go through with the procedure you should review with a doctor your best options for weight loss. This type of surgery is not for everyone and shouldn't be taken lightly.

How Much Should I Weight?

To take proper action on losing or gaining weight to be in a healthy condition, one must consult on a height-weight chart and measurements of body fat, bones and muscles that make up the whole body.

Getting to Know The Height-Weight Chart
main article: Height Weight Chart, Human Average Height

The ratio of height to weight helps in determining if an individual is healthy. Someone is unlikely to have obesity-related diseases if he/she is able to maintain the right weight. For individuals who are underweight, a necessary weight gain can be achived by consuming nutricious food and balanced diet.

Check below the height-weight chart which shows the approximate weight a person should have to be healthy.

Height MALE Ideal Weight FEMALE Ideal Weight
4’ 6" 63 to 77 lbs 63 to 77 lbs
4’ 7" 68 to 84 lbs 68 to 83 lbs
4’ 8" 74 to 90 lbs 72 to 88 lbs
4’ 9" 79 to 97 lbs 77 to 94 lbs
4’ 10" 85 to 103 lbs 81 to 99 lbs
4’ 11" 90 to 110 lbs 86 to 105 lbs
5’ 0" 95 to 117 lbs 90 to 110 lbs
5’ 1" 101 to 123 lbs 95 to 116 lbs
5’ 2" 106 to 130 lbs 99 to 121 lbs
5’ 3" 112 to 136 lbs 104 to 127 lbs
5’ 4" 117 to 143 lbs 108 to 132 lbs
5’ 5" 122 to 150 lbs 113 to 138 lbs
5’ 6" 128 to 156 lbs 117 to 143 lbs
5’ 7" 133 to 163 lbs 122 to 149 lbs
5’ 8" 139 to 169 lbs 126 to 154 lbs
5’ 9" 144 to 176 lbs 131 to 160 lbs
5’ 10" 149 to 183 lbs 135 to 165 lbs
5’ 11" 155 to 189 lbs 140 to 171 lbs
6’ 0" 160 to 196 lbs 144 to 176 lbs
6’ 1" 166 to 202 lbs 149 to 182 lbs
6’ 2" 171 to 209 lbs 153 to 187 lbs
6’ 3" 176 to 216 lbs 158 to 193 lbs
6’ 4" 182 to 222 lbs 162 to 198 lbs
6’ 5" 187 to 229 lbs 167 to 204 lbs
6’ 6" 193 to 235 lbs 171 to 209 lbs
6’ 7" 198 to 242 lbs 176 to 215 lbs
6’ 8" 203 to 249 lbs 180 to 220 lbs
6’ 9" 209 to 255 lbs 185 to 226 lbs
6’ 10" 214 to 262 lbs 189 to 231 lbs
6’ 11" 220 to 268 lbs 194 to 237 lbs
7’ 0" 225 to 275 lbs 198 to 242 lbs

prefer the Metric measurement?
click here to convert them to International Meter and Centimeter standard

The body mass index (BMI) can be calculated using the chart. BMI is an indicator of one’s total body fat. It will be much relief to have a weight within the ideal range. Through these, an overweight can see in computed numbers that cutting out drinks and foods high in sugar and fat is necessary to avoid serious illnesses.

The initial defence against hypertension, type-2 diabetes, and heart disease is keeping a healthy weight. If losing weight is necessary but attempts in doing so always fail, it will be a good idea to consult a doctor.

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