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Gastric band surgery at Article Content King

There is a new article posted all about Gastric band, to be a little more specific it is entitled Gastric Bypass or Gastric Sleeve?

It is a very Interesting articles which was written by Geoff Lord who just happens to be the manager of this Blog.

Go check it out, it is a very good article and well worth reading if you want to learn about the main differences between the three main types of weight loss surgery.

You will find the article here

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Gastric band surgery video

Gastric Band Surgery

[flashvideo file= image= /]

There are many people who decide to have Gastric Band Surgery done so we have created a video to show what is involved. Gastric band surgery can try to correct the effects of time and a lifetime of poor choices on their bodies. Although it is true that this works for a little while, we can never truly beat the effects of time, nor can we turn the clock back and change our past lifestyle . Those who believe that they may outrun time or change what has already been done will inevitably discover themselves on the losing side of that particular discussion with Mother Nature. unfortunately, Mother nature will win out every time.

Top 50 Surgery Blogs

A budding or practicing surgeon can learn from classes as well as from previous patients, peer-reviewed journal articles and from blogs written by talented, angry and even ’slightly demented’ surgeons. This is why we included all the above in our list of top fifty surgery blogs below, which is categorized by various surgical procedures from bone specialties to dentistry. The blogs we chose came from the front pages of search engines as well as from links from other top surgery sites.

Each blog within the categories is listed in alphabetical order by blog title. This method shows our readers that we do not favor one blog over another. All blogs were updated within December 2009.

You will our own Blog is featured on this list under the Plastic Surgery sub heading

there are also many other usefull links on the Blog so I am happy to post this Link on my Blag for your interest.

From a Post written By "Linda"

request information and advice on all gastric band lap band procedures by clicking here
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