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Metabolism! What Is It?

Year after year, a multitude of suffering folk try to regain their their health and the shape of their bodies ; and each year , tens of millions of people feel that they’ve “failed” because, no matter how hard they try , they simply feel incapable of succeeding in their ability to speed up their metabolism.

Regrettably , many people simply don’t understand the concept of metabolism and metabolic change. This, just as unfortunate , cannot always be considered to be as a result of anything they knowingly did or didn't do .

There are a lot of food and supplement companies on the market who don’t want you to know fact from fiction . They want you to believe that always purchasing “low fat” foods is the only way to speed up your metabolism.

While, yes,  some low fat foods can play a role in a complete diet plan that is formulated to accelerate the metabolic process . Just by ingesting foods that are labelled as "LOW FAT" won’t do anything .

On the contrary , believe it or not, a lot of folks  oftentimes gain weight when they consume too many “low fat” products. Almost all of these products are loaded with calories from carbohydrates or proteins (which are still calories and still have to be utilized or they will be stored as belly fat).

As you can see, and more than likely experienced from yearsof trying to make sense of this whole metabolic mystery, this is a bewildering , nerve-racking , and, indeed , potentially depressing situation .

So, what exactly IS metabolism?

Some people think that metabolism is a type of organ, or a specific body part , that affects digestion.

Actually , metabolism is not any specific part of the body .

What it is, in fact, is the PROCESS by which the body converts food into energy . This is why, more often than not, you will hear the phrase 'metabolic process' being used in the same way as the term 'metabolism' - it is simply because they mean the same thing .

As we have seen above, it is the process of transforming food (e.g. nutrients) into fuel (e.g. energy) . The body uses this energy to conduct a vast array of essential functions . As a matter of fact,   if you had no metabolism – that is, if you had no metabolic process that was transforming food into energy – then you would have no life functions .

In fact , long before you realized that you couldn’t move a finger or lift your foot , all your inner bodily functions would have ceased ; because all the things needed for life – circulating blood, transforming oxygen into carbon dioxide, expelling potentially lethal wastes through the kidneys and so on – are all dependent on metabolism .

It is important to remember this whenever you hear someone mention that they have a slow metabolism . Although metabolic factors may be responsible for their unwanted belly fat, they certainly have a working metabolism. If that were not true, not even speaking would have been possible (because that too requires energy that comes from , you guessed it: metabolism!).

It is important to note here that , while we conveniently refer to the metabolic process as if it were a single function, it’s really a catchall term for countless functions that are happening inside the body. Every second of every minute of every day of your life – even when you are asleep – there are endless bodily functions going on through metabolism, or metabolic functioning.

Reduce Weight by Belly Exercises

You always loved wearing tight fitting clothes that accentuate your body. But over the years your belly has grown big and you hate wearing clothes that bring it into the limelight. You are determined to lose that belly fat and we can help you in the process. Simply dieting will not help you achiever your goals so it is always best to implement some exercises as well.

Walking - It is considered one of the most effective forms of exercises to reduce belly fat. Start out by walking slowly and then increase the intensity.

Jump rope - As young children all of us used to love this sports activity. Bring back the fun in your life by indulging in it again. Just start out slow so that you do not injure your knees and work out longer each time you do it.

Squatting- Completing five sets of squats every three minutes is how military personnel got the flat abs that they have. You should start out by doing five squats every three minutes and increase this as you get better at them.

Lift those legs- Lay on the floor and lift your legs one at a time. Place a pillow under the back for support.

The crunch is back- Completing crunches actually works all of the muscles in the stomach region and they will decrease the amount of belly fat that you are dealing with.

This exercise can be done without any type of equipment as long as you are motivated.

Pilates - There are a number of pilates workouts that target the midsection area of the human body. As these exercises primarily focus on the belly region, you will achieve a flat stomach within a short span of time.

It is not necessary that you should do all of these exercises to achieve success in reducing belly fast. Every human body is different from the other and what works for your friend, may not work for you. By trying different things you will be able to find a routine that gives you the best results. Be sure to stretch before you start any exercises in order to decrease injury.

Be sure that you speak to a doctor before beginning any exercises if you are extremely overweight. You will definitely feel better as you begin to see results.

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What to Know About Weight Watchers Before You Join


Weight Watchers is one of the most successful and well-known weight loss programs. It offers a flexible plan that almost anyone can follow. Here is a quick look at what to expect from Weight Watchers:

  • If you choose the meetings-based program, you will attend a weekly Weight Watchers group meeting. You will hear a brief lecture by a Weight Watchers leader.

  • You can complete your Weight Watchers program online, but the more you participate at the center, the more effective your weight loss.

  • You should weigh in weekly at your local Weight Watchers meeting. If you do the online version of Weight Watchers, then you are responsible for weighing your own body and tracking this on Weight Watcher's website.

  • You will need to limit the food and beverages you consume daily based on your Points allowance. This is the Weight Watchers method of computing fat, calories, and fiber. You need to measure and weigh all of your portions to accurately count up everything you consume. Since these are rigid requirements, many dieters find success with the HCG Diet Weight Loss program instead.

  • For Weight Watchers, you need to track and record absolutely everything you eat, convert into points, and then see how much more you can afford to eat, whether you're hungry or not. The theory of this is simply, but can certainly break down in implementation.

  • If you go to a restaurant, well, your point system is hosed if you can't convert into points. You need to find the nutritional information for all foods you end up stuffing into your pie hole.

  • Likewise, you can earn bonus points if your more physically active.

  • You will work with your Weight Watchers leader to set a healthy ultimate weight goal.

  • You can expect to lose an average of one to two pounds per week on Weight Watchers. Some weeks you may lose more weight; others, you may lose none at all. How fast you can loose the weight really depends upon your own individual system. Compare this to the 5-7 pounds per week on the HCG Diet Weight Loss program.

To learn more about Weight Watchers, well, they are listed in the yellow pages, so as they say, let your fingers do the walking. For another solution, check out HCG Diet Weight Loss.

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Gastric Band A Wieght Loss

9 Tips for Your Abdominal Weight Loss Plans Posted By : Jason Johanson

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The article is all about the method of revealing a good looking shape of abdominal part. Since you are desperate to lose your belly fat, so what is the next step that you should consider and think about in your abdominal weight loss plan? There is 9 useful weight loss tips for your reference to reveal your slim body shape.
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How to Lose Your Belly Fat

In the past you might have already lost the battle of trying to lose belly fat. If you put in some time and effort, you can torch that flab and you won't have to worry about how to lose your gut anymore.

The stomach is the hardest location to lose fat in properly. If you want ripped abs, the bottom line is that you probably have a long distance ahead of you. Lots of factors contribute to your gut like your self discipline, diet and the kind of exercises you do. How to lose body fat

On the road ahead, remember these important things. Lots of folks wish they could make their gut instantly disappear, but since this is not likely short of using lipo, use these 4 tips to keep you on the right path.

Begin by reading food labels. Currently, a big issue underway is that food companies are disguising foods as healthy even though they really aren't. This fact makes it vital to decide for yourself if any food product is really worth consuming. While it is not necessary to know the exact calories to the decimal point, you should know exactly what you are fueling your body with daily. Learning to prepare healthful meals yourself is a significant part of getting rid of belly fat.

Look for more abdominal exercises that help burn fat. When most people think of ab exercises, sit-ups and crunches are brought to mind, but are you trying to build muscle or tone your body?  Building muscle can make your gut stick out more. To achieve positive results, it is vital to burn off the layer of fat that sits on top of your stomach by doing some flab-torching cardiovascular exercise. Wondering How to Get a Flat Stomach? Click here for more tips!

A better  way to go instead of doing so many crunches that you can't breathe is to try some Pilates, aerobics or swimming several times a week. Use workout routines that work your entire body and keep you active for longer periods of time, because these are more effective for getting into better shape. While these exercises will build some muscle too, they are mainly meant to shape and tone your body .

While the most important thing at the start is just simply being active, don't be afraid to incorporate more muscle building moves into your exercise regime. To max out your flab torching, try running or jogging but for a more low impact workout, ellipticals, swimming, aerobics and Pilates are better. A totally comprehensive plan to teach you how to get rid of your gut is called The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary. Truth About Six Pack Abs Review

Lastly, be very cautious with taking any supplements other than a daily multi-vitamin. All of those weight blasting supplements can be dangerous, so avoid those. Weight loss pills simply don't work unless they are prescribed by a doctor and they are used under supervision.

Try to have nutritious snacks on hand for when cravings arise.  Either that or you can try eating smaller portions of the food you are craving. Give this plan for how to lose your belly fat a try and you are likely to begin seeing results soon.

The End of Your Belly Fat

A health and cosmetic imperative alike, belly fat loss could be something to worry about. Doctors give serious warnings related to the health dangers generated by obesity, high cholesterol levels and all sorts of ailments resulting from eating junk food. The fat around the belly represents deposits of stored energy, and they only melt when we burn more calories than we consume.

With some simple dietary changes and improvements of the eating habits, belly fat loss could be very much within reach. Good food is sometimes insufficient if you don't back it up with intense physical activity meant to consume the extra pounds by an acceleration of the metabolism. Some people even try to boost up their metabolic reaction by means of oral supplements.  Then, be sure to check out the Seattle HCG Diet Weight Loss Center.

You should also arm yourself with patience for an effective and long lasting belly fat loss. Starting a very harsh diet meant to burn the fat around the waist in seven or ten days only, could have serious consequences for the body health. It is important to understand that belly fat loss results from a balanced approach to over-weight, and not from the strenuous efforts made by the body to cope with weight loss abuse. Moreover, be patient with yourself and don't consider liposuction or higher drug intake as the better alternatives to healthy diets and physical exercises.  Then, be sure to check out the Seattle HCG Diet Weight Loss Center.

Specialists say that the highest success rate for good belly fat loss results from a combination of weight training with abdominal training, aerobic exercises and a healthy diet. Moreover, fat is not lost from one body part alone but it burns away systemically. Even if you work out specific body parts like the waist or the lower abs, it may be possible to fail in the belly fat loss because the way to approach weight loss is incorrect in the first place. Before training the muscles, you'll have to deal with the fat that covers them by means of aerobic exercises.  Then, be sure to check out the Seattle HCG Diet Weight Loss Center.

The greatest fat burners and supporters of belly fat loss include bicycling, walking, jogging, rope jumping and stair climbing. If you manage to work some aerobic exercises for more than thirty minutes, you are likely to achieve great fat loss results. Plus, if you support the training with a diet poor in carbohydrates, but rich in fibers, proteins, vitamins and minerals, belly fat loss will be a lot easier to reach.

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