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Belly Fat- How Can You Lose It?

Is that band of fat around your middle good for you? Of course you know it’s not! We all know that!  Many people only care about how they look, rather than the health risks. People just want it gone! Want to find out how to lose that tummy flab quick? Well, here is that dreaded recommendation again! Yes, it’s consuming a controlled and healthy diet, along with regular exercise.

Eating the right kind of carbs in your diet, will help you lose belly fat. Incllude veggies, fruits, and whole grains.  Here is a honest report on a diet that truly works:The Every Other Day Diet

You need to recognize that to lose tummy flab; you have to drop weight throughout the whole body. There is no supernatural method, or medication that will do this. If you choose a diet that burns fat, it will help you lose belly fat quicker. And, stay away from alcoholic drinks, as these go straight to your belly (the phrase “beer belly” is true enough).

Try walking or swimming, they are perfect cardiovascular exercise for your whole body. You can also try jogging or dancing (which is fun!) to get rid of belly fat. Experts in diet and exercise, may recommend 5 days a week cardio exercises, lasting for 20-30 minutes each time. They will usually advise doing crunches, sit-ups, etc to target the abdominal area. 

I don’t know about you, but I do not have all this additional time to devote to working out each week.My family, life and job takes my time. That doesn’t leave me with a lot of spare time.  Also, I HATE crunches and sit-ups! They are so dull.

I have found someone that has very different thoughts about diet and working out. Mike Geary is a exercise and diet specialist, and his suggestions made me listen. Get six pack Abs!

Mike does not recommend doing exercises that target the Abs, as they may make your belly even bigger. The intensity of the exercise, and working the entire body, is recommended. He advises that the exercises are high intensity, with small rest periods in between. When you exercise the large muscle groups, instead of just the small specific abdominal muscles, you lose much more belly fat, in a shorter work out. Focusing on doing exercises only for your Abs, provide lesser resistance, and you need resistance to develop and tone your muscles to burn the fat.

You have to check this one out for yourself- It works! The Truth About Abs Review


Magic Remedies For Weight Loss

Do you have to use nutritional supplements or diet pills to lose your extra weight on hips and thighs? Many products are promoted heavily as the "secret" or the "key" or the greatest new "discovery" in weight loss. Two new and highly advertised methods of losing weight involve a natural supplement and a drug. What is really accurate about these "breakthroughs?"

First, Acai in tablets, powder or drinks has been the recent rage of the internet, and the desperate hope of many people who want a fast and simple way to look good and feel better in a thinner and fit new body. Does it work? In a word "No." The longer answer is that acacia fruit has been a widely used food in South America for generations, and it is a very healthful addition to a good diet. It is high in antioxidants (although lower than both strawberries and grapes), and it has a good balance of phytochemicals, amino acids, and fatty acids.

But, does acai help you to lose weight? There have been no scientific studies with adequate controls conducted and published as of the spring of 2009 to suggest or prove that acai is useful as a weight loss aid. Widespread belief that someone finally has revealed the "solution" to overweight is a result of hope for simplistic solutions by overweight people, and hope for easy profits by internet marketers and supplement sales people.

What about that new drug on the market called "alli" ( yes, it is "alli" not "Alli")? This is the only over-the-counter weight-loss product approved by the FDA, and it is being heavily promoted on the internet and elsewhere by Glaxo SmithKline, one of the world's largest drug companies. Their incentive is clearly profit, but what do you get out of it? Of course, for the FDA to approve a drug product, there must be evidence that it does what the label claims. However, let's examine the side effects.

This product is not recommended for anyone taking blood thinning medicine, and anyone who has ever had gallbladder problems, kidney stones or pancreatitis is advised to "ask a doctor" before use. Also, all those on this medicine are asked to eat a low calorie, reduced fat diet, and told to they may experience gas with oily spotting and/or frequent, loose stools that may be difficult to control.

Wait just a minute! What about that part about the reduced-calorie, low fat diet? As it turns out, that is a vital part of whether or not taking this medicine will lead to success. You could try foregoing the costly medicine, the supplements that fail, and try instead creating a sensible exercise and diet plan? Fortunately, you don't have to make it up as you go. Nutritional experts have already provided easy to follow directions that can lead you to success in achieving your weight loss goals. No quick solutions, no miracle drugs, just current knowledge put to use. Become Your Own Personal Weight Loss Coach is an inexpensive, but effective, program for leading you to take control of your own personal weight loss program. It is a great way to help yourself succeed and get to your own unique weight and fitness goals. If after giving it a try and you still aren't getting the results you want, then you can try spending money on drugs.

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