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Gastric Band Surgeon Discovers Liver Condition

A Gastric Band Surgery Recommendation for Tullia Law

A Testimonial from Liz B For Tullia Law

Posted 18 July 2011

Hello Tullia,

I would like to thank you for the service I received (and still receiving) when I recently underwent my Gastric Band operation on 1st July 2011.

I cannot praise highly enough the people involved. Tullia, who helped make the decision to have the op and with the answer to any question.  Chris Duprez for his easy going manner, his 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude and Doctor Philip and his team. Outstanding.  Even Sam the taxi driver was nice.

From the time my daughter and I were picked up from Brussels Midi station and taken to the hotel, meeting Chris who explained exactly what was to happen the next day, to meeting Doctor Philip and having the op was such a pleasant, relaxing experience I didn't feel as if I was to have an operation.

The aftercare by the staff at the hospital was very good, you easily could imagine that you were the only patient they had. The hospital room itself was very clean and tidy.

Whilst my daughter was supposed to have the Gastric Band operation after me. Doctor Philip decided he could not go ahead with it as he discovered a pre existing liver condition which was unknown to us.

He therefore ended up doing an emergency op on the liver (with another surgeon)

My daughter had to spend time in the intensive care unit. Doctor Philip not only kept me informed personally what was going on but he took me to see my daughter several times so I could see for myself that she was ok. I cannot thank Doctor Philip and his team enough for this as who knows what could have happened if the liver had started to bleed when my daughter was anywhere else other than on the operating table and it could have happened at anytime.

Chris also visited and was willing to change all our travel and hotel arrangements should it have been needed, we were not made to rush our decision and could have stayed in hospital longer if need be.

I really do recommend this team if you are thinking of having a Gastric Band. I feel great and on my way to losing weight and saved money into the bargain. What more can I say go for it its the best decision you will ever make.

Elizabeth B
(Full Name and Adress Supplied)

Posted By:- Geoff Lord

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Menopause Hot Flash Relief Alternative Treatments and Cures

Menopause hot flash treatments have now become accessible through the alternative medicines marketplace and have been gaining in both popularity and acceptance in recent years. Many cities and towns now have a number of outlets where anyone can buy these types of products.

Are these alternative treatments for hot flash and night sweats safe?

Alternative treatments for menopausal hot flush relief are basically methods of accessing a treatment regime that has not been officially recognized by the clinical and medical establishment as a relief or cure. You can discover a large number of such products that fall within this category, and most people would be surprised to discover some of the items which are now categorized as "alternative" medicines.

In this day and age of mass marketing, alternative medicine is not as frowned upon by the healthcare profession like it used to be. Treatments for example like acupuncture and hypnotism are quite common, and several other forms of optional treatments for menopausal hot flashes are gaining acceptance. Some of these products proclaim results which are quite frankly inexplicable, and professionals who do witness these results decide not to specifically endorse the products or systems, but neither will they dismiss them.

Is The Power of Mind over Body effective for Hot Flash Relief?

One of the main elements of alternative treatments could be the recognition of the powers of the mind over body, or the subconscious mind. There is increasing evidence that a patients attitude may also effect the response a patient has to a remedy or treatment, and this in part helps to demonstrate why the choices of available treatments is much better received than it was in the not too distant past. In a recent survey it was also discovered that a patient who believes they are doing better, generally will do better in the long term.

Before deciding on a specific treatment or remedy for hot flashes or night sweats, it is crucial to do some research into the products you are contemplating. Alternative treatment, by its definition, is exactly what it says it is; an alternative.

Are There Any Effective Non-Drug treatments for menopause symptoms?

With regards to hot flash and night sweats remedies and treatments, there are many alternatives available. They range from simple herbal remedies, to complex combinations of known drugs. There are now alternative treatments available which rely entirely on the body's own ability to heal itself. One such product is a band aid like product which the makers claim embodies a combination of materials which when worn in a specific way, will almost immediately start to reduce the effects of hot flashes and night sweats associated with menopausal symptoms. Apparently it is also claimed that they can be used for Men who have been having hormone therapy treatments following prostate cancer or other hormonal imbalance problems

Amazingly this product has actually been endorsed by medical practitioners as a very effective non-drug treatment for the relief of hot flashes and night sweats because there are no known side effects, thereby allowing the Practitioner to treat patients for other ailments whilst also offering an effective cure for problems associated with with the menopause.

Nowadays menopausal hot flashes can be treated with a revolutionary new non drug product which has recently been released to the general Public. You can read more about this new product by visiting the Flash-Eez website here.

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Tips And Details To Support You To Lose Excess fat

A lot more and more men and women are searching into methods of loose weight healthy. Obesity is an actually increasing problem and getting over-weight can result in several diverse health difficulties. This article gives free advice to support individuals in their battle to lose bodyweight.

There are several different diets out there which try and assist folks to shed their extra excess fat, these might be incredibly challenging to stick to since the entire purpose we are over-weight is simply because of our really like for foodstuff. The diets themselves ordinarily recommend us to consume healthy but uninspiring meals. These eating plans have in no way actually worked for me, primarily since I have perhaps not received the right attitude but mainly due to the fact I discover it hard to stick to them. A month maybe, six weeks certainly not.

In my opinion exercise could be the greatest method to shed bodyweight. Proceeding to some gym is surely not for everyone and is somewhere I feel out of location and exposed. I constantly really feel that folks are looking, talking and laughing at me behind my back again. Perhaps I am just too paranoid.

I personally would advise hiring a personal trainer. Now you might think that only the rich and well-known could perhaps do this but you could be incorrect. There are several personalized fitness trainers who’re either connected to some gym or who promote locally in newspapers or magazines.

They are specially trained folks who are willing to arrive for a house to indicate you tips on how to correctly physical exercise and they don't price an arm and a leg.

If you have attempted this route before but have had a bad experience don't despair. It may nicely be due to the fact you just didn't hit it off with your individual trainer. I have been utilizing a private coach for that final five weeks and only plumped for him right after trying out four other people first.

My private coach is extremely excellent for me. He continues me on my toes, is incredibly beneficial at making me continue to work hard when all I wish to do is quit. He is also extremely fair and seems to understand how far to push me. Collectively we have worked out and agreed a plan which contains numerous objectives for the upcoming. He seems to also realize regarding the types of food which I need to and must not be eating. I am happily even now capable to consume lots of meals which I like and he has also released me to some number of other ideas which are wholesome but also incredibly tasty.

Hiring a particular coach was the finest factor I've actually performed with regards to losing pounds and I would propose it to other individuals. I have now lost the beer belly and nonetheless carry on functioning difficult, it's now additional being a health and fitness thing instead of to lose even extra pounds.

The trainer has even stated that I am likely to really acquire excess fat in the long term as particular muscles grow. I won't be weight nevertheless, I is going to be toned and a small but muscular. I appear forward towards the upcoming and may now for that very first time in a number of years get pleasure from shopping for clothes.

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Gastric Band A Wieght Loss

Weight Loss Diet Plan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Today, culture media is overflowing with daily news on how to lose weight Even so, the famous faults connected with weight loss diet plans are being always rendered. It is not about the small ” dieting sins” of consuming a bar of chocolate, but rather enormous faults individuals make when they go on a diet keeping them from losing weight effectively. Recognizing and averting these errors can help you acquire the appropriate attitude that will be useful in your attempt to reduce weight and reach looks which is both healthy and natural.

1. Weight Loss Diet Plan Mistake: Choosing A Wrong Rule

Individuals who make up their mind to go on a diet ordinarily have an all-or-nothing attitude towards slimming down. After they have made a decision to go on a diet, their next step is to select a proper plan for losing weight so as to carry through that aim. They believe that they have discovered the top secret of losing weight but they usually choose the weight loss diet plan which is tough to stick to to the very end. When you start with a new diet, they will throw out everything from the kitchen and remove all the food which is not involved in their strict plan for losing weight. They will preserve just the “good food” proposed by the diet. The creators of such stories believe that they are very clever and they always watch their bodies getting slimmer for days, even for weeks.

All of a sudden, something unpredictable could happen in their lives that they didn't think of, which may easily destroy their "perfect" plan to lose weight. Each of their good intentions and demands to reduce weight and lead healthier way of life vanish soon and they are tricked by this "rigorous" weight loss diet plan. All of a sudden they are entrapped in the net of old bad habits that previously made them increase fat and feel bad. Utterly defeated, the unfortunate weight watchers are running to their favourite grocery store buying all the food they in fact like to eat and re-fill their favorite stores in house, the food they had already thrown away so as to give up themselves to a strict quick plan for losing weight. Eventually, for a short period of time they would forget all their plans to burn fat and live healthy. What is the outcome of their not sticking to the plan? They get again all the fat they had cut down through their incomplete weight loss diet, and this often happens so speedily that they couldn’t even think of!

What can you conclude from this? If you would like to reduce weight you first have to ask yourself if you sincerely wish to slim down for good or you just want to drop off a few pounds in order to eat more after that. If you really want to become thinner through a natural process then you have to adapt to what and when you are going to eat. To eat food in a healthy manner is the most significant principle to follow if you would like to attain enduring effects.

2. Weight Loss Diet Plan Mistake: Choosing A Wrong Method

Losing weight is not a sacrifice! In spite of that you should take it as a chance to invest in your body and become better and healthier, not just for your personal happiness but as well for your cherished ones. When you look on your weight loss diet plan as a sacrifice, you reduce all the delicious food you truly love until you attain the ideal weight you are looking for. You may have an outstandingly quick weight loss diet plan and you can even cut down a huge amount of fat, but what follows next? If you haven’t trained yourself to take “banned foods” proportionally, then you are enticed to get out of control. It is better and more productive to eat small amounts of various foods that you like even while you are diating. The fact is that you can eat and drink anything as long as you know the limits, even hot chocolate and fresh pie!

3. Weight Loss Diet Plan Mistake: Setting Wrong Goals

How to discover what your perfect weight and body fat percentage should be and how to make a practical aim which can be fulfilled easily with any weight loss diet plan? It leads to a definite failure if you don’t have a fixed aim that you didn't write down on paper. You might suppose what how your body should look, but unless you are just a little bit overweight it is totally futile. Let your ideal weight and body shape be the uttermost goal and achieve it step by step so as to reach the body you crave for. You can lose 11 pounds in 10 days, through rigorous programs without starving, but if you would like to feel more comfortable with your diet plan for losing weight you have to set more moderate goals like dropping 2 pounds per week. Actually, if you accept weight loss diet plan with enthusiasm, you could even lose up to 21 pounds in 3 weeks and feel satisfactory day in and day out!

In any case, it is most important what will occur after you have fulfilled your goal. How are you going to preserve your weight? Or do you need to make one more step towards attaining your perfect body figure? The proper alternative of a weight loss diet plan and keeping the ideal weight after you have accomplished it is important to your true success and satisfaction. Eating the proper food to the appropriate level can be of great help in keeping the proportionality in everything, and above all make you feel happy and content.

What to Expect After Having Gastric Bypass Surgery Posted By : Larry Bander

Keep up to date with all of the latest News on Gastric Band Surgery which will cost Less in France and Belgium.

Knowing what will happen in the weeks after your Gastric bypass surgery is one of the most important ways to insure your success. Many people think they'll have the surgery and the weight will magically disappear with no effort on their part; this attitude is a sure way to be disappointed!
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