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Acne and Diet - Insulin, Insulin Resistance, and Hormones

Diet, though not an instantaneous reason behind acne, will have an indirect impact on acne. That's why thus many 'acne cures' suggest dietary changes together with whatever else they are advocating.

Because diet has an indirect impact on acne, individuals will get variable results when changing what they eat. This can be as a result of we all metabolize foods differently. Some people might be additional sensitive to certain foods, and therefore those foods will have a larger impact on their acne than others that do not have those metabolic issues.

As an example, skin with a tendency for acne has been shown to be insulin resistant. Insulin is a hormone that regulates carbohydrate metabolism, also enjoying a job in protein metabolism and fat metabolism. Insulin regulates the manner our cells use the accessible energy within the bloodstream - thus insulin makes the liver and fat cells (adipose tissue) soak up some of the glucose in the bloodstream and stores it as fat.

Folks with insulin resistance do not answer the traditional amounts of insulin released within the body. As a result of the regulation of blood glucose levels (that insulin ultimately is responsible for) is therefore vital, the pancreas starts producing additional insulin when the liver and fat cells do not respond. Blood glucose levels will build up if the body still does not respond.

High levels of insulin can cause high blood pressure, fluid retention, and can lead to sort 2 diabetes.

Thus, for those with insulin resistance, poor quality carbohydrates such as white bread, sugar, and sugary foods, might be a problem. These sorts of carbohydrates are digested quickly and enter the blood stream rapidly. Normally, insulin would trigger the body removing those excess blood sugars into cells. But with insulin resistance, they droop around longer in the blood, furthermore inflicting the body to have high levels of insulin in the blood.

This can be necessary for acne sufferers, particularly girls, in that excess insulin will cause higher levels of male hormones. These androgen hormones have long been implicated in acne. They increase the oil production of the sebaceous glands, that leads to clogged pores and provides a breeding ground for the acne bacteria.

In another study, researchers implicate the high levels of refined carbohydrates (like bread and cereals) in teenage acne. Following the same rationale, they suggest that top levels of blood sugars increase the degree of insulin and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), that ends up in excess production of male hormones. These male hormones then trigger acne outbreaks.

And with that, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) encourages sure skin cells (keratinocytes) to increase. Keratinocytes are implicated in acne.

How to Develop Your Own Acne Diet

Many people could benefit from an acne diet. Who hasn't heard that eating chocolate may make you break out. Everybody has. If you think about it its not so far-fetched that by watching your diet you could prevent acne.

Nevertheless, a good acne diet is not easy to develop. Being based on your body's responses to certain foods makes it very personal. There are guidelines, but each individual's progress will mostly be trial and error. Monitor your skin closely. Make note of any changes. You could keep a photo journal. So if and when your skin clears up, stay on the diet you were on at the time.

The following are some easy guidelines to help get you started on an acne diet:

* Take in a lot more protein - Some dermatologists even believe that protein intake is connected to having clear skin. Oil production is limited from an enzyme located within protein. Oily skin tends to be more prone to breakouts.

* Keep away from carbohydrates - You do not need to cut out carbs completely. However, you do need to limit them to about 40 percent of your diet. This is because there are compounds in carbohydrates that can stimulate oil production. This is the reason that junk food has the reputation that it causes acne. Actually it is just that junk food is high in carbs.

* Drinking green tea is very good for you - If you can, drink real green tea. Brewing the green tea is the best way to drink it. However, if you really don't like it, then try the natural green tea drinks. Green tea will restrain the production of androgen. Breakouts have been known to be caused by a hormone called androgen.

* Limit your total intake of salt - Most salt contains iodine. This is the reason we usually call table salt “iodized salt.” For some people with acne, iodine can be a major inflammatory agent.

You must always be careful of what you eat and put on your face. If you have acne you are probably already more aware than most people of the ingredients in your beauty products. Those who are prone to acne should look for oil free moisturizers. These being the least likely to aggravate your skin. If you wear makeup you may want to consider switching over to mineral makeup. If you want to enhance your acne diet and reduce breakouts, you may want to try mineral makeup.

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