Seven Tips To Burn Fat Fast On Your Days Off From Work And Working Out

The best way to use your diet’s day off

Are you dieting? Take a break! It one of the most essential factors of a diet plan’s success; as it helps your body release all the stress and emotional distress which your body accumulated during the whole past week.

Holding on to stress and negativity can cause your diet to backfire. Staying relaxed and focused throughout your diet will help you lose weight fast. So here are some hot tips on how to best use this day off, in order to get the maximum benefit out of it.

1-    Plan your day off: don’t gain on that day what you’ve been trying to lose all week!! Always keep track of the calories you eat – even on the day off.

Especially if you are depending more on the diet than on exercise in your plan of losing weight

2-    Burn those calories: take a day off, eat what you want; but we want to burn those calories, nonetheless. A bit of physical activity goes a long way in burning calories. Exercise is the best way to burn fat fast.

3-    Make it a Weekend day: it’s very healthy to put your day off on a weekend day. On a day where you don’t have to go to work, where you don’t face stress in anyway.

Take advantage of your free day and spend it in an enjoyable way.

4-    Have fun! The more you enjoy that day, not only the food but the whole day as well, the more you will be able to stick to your diet the next week and the more successfully you will be able to release all the stress, emotional distress, re-adjust your metabolism and lower your cholesterol

5-    Choose your free day food so the experience of having eaten it will last the rest of the week when you are back to dieting. But in both cases, don’t let it get out of your hands.

6-    Prioritize: make a list of all what you want to eat in an order of priority. Making a list will help you stick to it.

Don’t go for the natural “availability bias” – to eat what’s available and closer to you instead of what you really want. Don’t do that, at least not on your day off! Of course if you choose things that contain less fat it will help you to burn fat fast.

7-    Timing: always eat in the morning rather than at night, and remember to split your meals in 3-5 small meals rather than one meal of a huge quantity as it will take your body longer to digest and burn.
I wish you success!

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