Readying Yourself for Weight Loss

Prepare Yourself For Weight Loss the right way.

Change can be stressful and scary as well has exciting and full of hope. You need to have positive feelings towards change if you are planning on starting a new, healty lifestyle. Before you initiate change in your life, it is essential that you know which direction your attitude - your consciously held beliefs - will take you. Will you move toward or away from your goals? It's almost a certainty that you'll never make any genuine progress if you have a bad attitude toward weight loss. In order to know where your attitudes are answer these questions honestly.

1) Losing my desired amount of weight will guarantee me the happiness that I am searching for.

2) I should save my larger clothes in case I put on the weight again.

3. I despise those people who go to exercise classes or who jog down the street.

4) If the scale does not show the results I want quickly after I start exercising and eating healthy I become frustrated.

5) I feel totally deprived when I can't have the food I love because I'm dieting, and count the days till I can stop the diet.

6. If I can lose weight and look good, I'll stop exercising.

7. I resent the fact that other people can eat anything they want and not gain weight.

8) If I want to maintain my goal weight, I'll have to continue depriving myself and will have no fun in my life.

9) The day will come when I can take a pill to lose weight so I will be able to eat whatever I want.

10) Exercise is a form of punishment and torture.

  11) Unless I lose five pounds per week, I feel discouraged and want to go off my diet.

12) I can lose weight while having a fulfilling social life.

13) I'm not a child, or idiot, who has to keep a diary to know what I'm eating.

14) My best friend lies within the food I eat.

15) I start to panic if there's no food available when I happen to want some.

  16) It's impossible for me to lose weight because of my family history.

  17) Once I begin exercising, if I miss more than a day or two, I feel I've blown it, so I quit.

18) Eating food is not neccesary for me to deal with the stresses of life.

If your answer was "true" to more than four of these eighteen questions, you definitely are dealing with attitudes that will not support you and your goals. If you want to lose weight and keep it off permanently, you must understand and change your perspective. You will never be able to keep any weight off if you have answered "true" to more than ten of the previous questions, because your attitude is quite destructive and needs to be changed. Talking to a counselor, psychologist, or support group is something that may help you.

Hopefully now you are ready to choose a weight loss program. You will find there are a lot of programs available, and no matter which one you choose you'll need to have a positive attitude.

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