Preparing For Gastric Band Surgery

Preparing For Gastric Band Surgery

When preparing for gastric band surgery, there are a variety of steps involved before, during and after the actual surgery. Knowing what to expect at each stage can make the process easier on you and those around you.

Before you undergo gastric band surgery, you will have several different tests to make sure that gastric band surgery is right for you. Some of the tests that you can expect include blood tests, imaging tests, and a gastroscopy. You will also have one or more consultations with your doctor.

The gastric band surgery is done under general anesthesia and can last as little as 30 minutes up to one hour. The band is placed around the upper part of the stomach through laparoscopy. Most patients are in the hospital less than 48 hours.

After the surgery, you can expect to be on a liquid diet for about ten days. After that, you can begin introducing soft foods into your diet. You will be expected to keep a food log that lets you and your doctor chart your progress.

Being prepared for gastric band surgery is essential for success.
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