Keeping Yourself Motivated While Attempting Weight Loss

Do you wonder how you can continue to motivate yourself to lose weight? We talk to ourselves all the time. We call this silent conversation that we have with ourselves Self Talk. If you didn't know it, self-talk is incredibly powerful. If you tell yourself something often enough, you will begin to think that it's for real. We tend to act in ways consistent with our deepest internal beliefs. Very often, these things that you are repeating become prophecies that are self-fulfilled. If your self-talk each day is that you have no chance of actually losing weight, you'll become convinced you can't change yourself. What it comes down to is either talking yourself out of believing you can lose weight, or actually talking yourself into it.

What are you telling yourself? First, see what that little voice in the back of your mind is saying. Do you feel that it is helping you to get where you want to go? Or are you being negative about your weight loss efforts? Remember, even negative self-talk can be changed by positive thinking.

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Here in this article I'll list several ways you can change your Self Talk so that it works best for you, and doesn't work against you!

There are examples of self-talk that is negative, like:

"I'm a failure and that will never change" I haven't lost any weight this week. "I think being fat is just in my genes" I must go workout.

There is positive way of using self-talk, like:

* I may not have lost weight, but I did exercise and plan my meals. * If I continue to make even these small changes, I'll hit my weight loss goals really soon. * I know if I continue making healthier choices, the weight will come off.

"Plenty of people watch what they eat these days" My body deserves the healthiest choices possible and there are others that agree with me.

* I am having lots of fun with my friends and new activities. * I know food is just the fuel I need to keep my body healthy.

Positive self-talk is such a powerful tool when it comes to enhancing your own self-image, as well as removing whatever blocks are keeping you from your weight loss goals. You can even use a journal to keep track of your thoughts, especially in the beginning. It will help you to think more objectively about yourself and your weight-loss efforts. You can also use a diary to record a mental inventory of your successes at the end of each day. What are you good at? Focus on the positive, not on the negative and think about how you can make tomorrow better. You should congratulate yourself when you achieve something, no matter how insignificant it appears to others. Remind yourself that when you believe it's possible, controlling your weight will be so much easier. It's natural to have doubts but these can really get in your way. You can build positive belief through positive thinking and you will doubt yourself less often. All it takes is a little self-confidence and some positive thinking.


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