Diets With Reduced Carbohydrates

From among the countless food programs available out there, many of which are recognized as fake, it’s not an easy task to realize which ones might actually work. Naturally, the general goal is to slim as fast as possible, and since lots of diets promise to help you achieve it, you need to be very careful and make sure the one you choose is indeed effective.

Low carbohydrates regimes have been shown to deliver results. As the name implies, the main focus is to minimize the carb intake, starting from the belief that this will cause the body to decrease the amount of insulin it produces and will then start using fat as a source of energy. The effect is quick weight reduction.

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This diet has you decreasing foods such as bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, biscuits and alcohol, but increasing foods such as eggs, meat, fish, butter, cheese and cream. In conjunction with this, it is recommended to drink around 3 litres of water.

The rules of this diet initially dictate that during the first few weeks you limit your intake of carbohydrates to less than 20 grams per day. Subsequent to that, the idea is to reduce it further as the weeks go by. Once you get started and get used to the change in foods, it can actually be easy in that you still get to eat some of the good stuff such as butter and cheese!

A day’s meal on a low carb diet would look like this:

Breakfast: Omelette with mushrooms, bacon and sausage.

Lunch: A salad mixed with cheese, meat and tuna.

Dinner: Steak with non-starchy vegetables.

Snacks: Nuts (except for peanuts) or pork rinds.

You definitely won’t need to stay hungry while on this program! You can have plenty of proteins, besides indulging your sweet tooth with jelly and cream sweetened with artificial sweeteners. Sounding good yet?

Low carbohydrates regimes don’t limit their results to mere weight loss. They help achieve higher levels of energy, better sleep, reduced blood pressure and cholesterol.

The basic principle of this diet goes a long way back in time, but contemporary versions of it made it even more famous. The most popular of those might be the Atkins diet, brought forth by Dr. Robert Atkins.

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With Atkins’ program, you can have close to anything but starchy aliments. Moreover, it claims that having more fats in your system will contribute to weight loss. A weight loss of up to 6.8% is the promise for the initial 3 months on this diet.

It’s only natural that everyone loves these diets, isn’t it? They enable you to slim even though you consume plenty of fats which would never be part of any other plan. It’s almost too good to be true!

It isn’t for everyone though. It’s not easy to eliminate a food group you’re used to, even if you are to do it gradually. The first few days are the hardest as your body uses the last bit of carbs and starts craving for more. Once past those first few days though, it does get easier.

As you might already suspect, this nutritional program is not to be followed for a very long time. Totally cutting off a food category entails missing out on essential nutrients. Besides, proper intake of protein is paramount to ensure you’re not losing muscle instead of fatty tissue.

For someone seeking to slim quickly and without too many restrictions, this could be the ideal solution. You will require a lot of will power, especially at the beginning when you start off and the body starts modifying its fuel source, but once you are through that period, you will notice a fast improvement.

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