Alternate Ways to Shed Pounds

There are several methods by which you can shed weight. Some are more mainstream then others such as exercise; weight loss pills etc . The others use completely separate or alternative processes. Techniques like hypnosis, acupuncture and natural herbs- as alternative as they are- may help you lose weight more effectively and without the chance of complications also.

Hypnosis is simply the most under appreciated ways to lose weight. The method is conducted by a professional hypnotist who continuously quietens your consciousness so that you subconscious takes over. This permits your hypnotist to access your habits related information which can be altered to overwrite the bad eating habits with healthy ones. As the subconscious becomes aware about the change, it makes the active part of the mind change as well. It is like listening to a large amount of self esteem CDs over and over again so that you tend to believe that you can do something. A number of trained hypnotists can supply this treatment and it is totally safe as well .

Acupuncture is another alternative way to lose weight without causing any significant damage. This is acupuncture being discussed so you've got to be ready to be pricked and punctured by small needles but that is about the only thing you should be worried about. The primary approach is to reduce the craving for food. It also helps by boosting the final body metabolism as well as by improving the circulatory system. Acupuncturist will research your condition, decide on the important pressure points and prick them with little needles to get the results.

Some common points selected by an experienced acupuncturist include thyroid [ for slow metabolism ], mouth impetuous eating ], stomach [ for obesity ], spleen inequality ] and endocrine [ for weight gain due to water retention ]. Though this method is very effective, you need to ensure that you get it done by an acupuncturist who is skilled and experienced and uses only sterilized needles.

In addition to this, there are a number of natural herbs which can help you lose weight but are still not very fashionable for their weight loss capacities. The main herbs that you may consider are green tea, white willow bark, guarana and psyllium. The main approach of green tea is to boost the final body metabolism. It also increases thermogenesis or the creation of heat by body. This can help you keep an ordinary eating manner and at the same time ensure that fat burns fast and cholesterol is reduced. Psyllium helps you keep an eye on your hunger.

Guarana is produced principally in Brazil and one of its main ingredients is caffeine. Together with other compounds, particularly theobromine and theophylline, the caffeine stimulates the nervous system that suppresses appetite and promotes weight reduction. White willow bark carries anti-inflammatory properties and increases norepinephrine levels, which stimulates fat metabolism and leads to weight loss. Though all these herbs are safe, they should be taken only after consulting a doctor.

Each of these methods is very effective singly or in combination.


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