10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Being overweight can lead to diabetes, stroke, heart disease and high blood pressure. Going through surgery when your overweight puts you at more risk for fatality.It's a given that if you want to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you eat. You are promised the world if you give in to the weight loss industry.  Here are some simple ways to lose fat that you can easily bring into your everyday life.

1. The color blue can help you lose weight. An appetite suppressant is wearing or having the color blue in your life. Next time your at a fast food restaurant, notice how they don't use the color blue in their dining area. Try using a blue tablecloth on your dining table, incorporate blue into your wardrobe, and even try serving your meals on blue plates. Just as they are colors to suppress appetite, red, orange and yellow encourage you to eat more. This is a good way to lose weight without dieting.

Adding 10% to the amount of your daily calorie intake,then modify your eating habits to fit your new calorie intake. If your daily intake is 1,600, add 160 to your intake. You have a better chance of losing weight. 

Monitor what you eat on weekends. A study from the University of North Carolina found that people consume an extra 300 calories on weekends, due to alcohol and fat. As a result from a study of the University of North Carolina, they found that people take in an extra 500 calories on weekends because of fat and alcohol. We don't always eat our calories.   A lot of times we take in more calories by drinking them rather than eating them.

4. Try to brush your teeth after ever meal. Having that clean, minty fresh breath you get after brushing your teeth, will trick your brain and body that your done eating. If you brush your teeth after your done eating, your brain and body will think you are done eating for the night. You don't feel like eating right after you brush your teeth before it's time to go to bed because of every bite you take laced with that minty fresh taste.

5. Having a good make out session can help you lose weight. A study from the Kinsey Institute New Report on Sex confirms that by kissing passionately, you can lose up to 6.4 calories per minute. Just by kissing passionately 10 minutes a day, 23,000 calories can be burned a year!

6. Only on a growling stomach should you eat
. Because of habit, boredom,frustrations and nervousness a majority of people feel the need to eat. Only eat when you hear your belly grumbling. It is more likely cravings if you want something specific instead of hunger.

7. Eating restaurant style can help you lose weight
. Instead of serving food in large platters in the middle of the table, try putting the food on plates so you don't feel the need to go for second helpings when you are done.You are done eating when they're is nothing left on your plate.

8.Before your meals, take a walk. Walking can keep you from feeling as hungry and it's also a good way to burn calories. This is a great weight loss secret.

9. Consume nuts instead of a snack loaded with sugar. Even though nuts are high in calories, there are studies that prove that they can help you lose weight. Nuts are filling and gratifying.

10. Watch yourself eat in a mirror
. There was a study that was done that told us that people ate 1/3 less of their meal when a mirror was put in front of them.By watching yourself in the mirror while you eat can remind you why are doing this.

By following these easy steps, you can lose weight and help increase weight loss in whatever weight loss program you are trying to do.

Follow these ten easy ways to lose weight and you'll be boosting the effectiveness of any weight loss program that you might be doing.


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