Gastric Band Surgery Candidates

Gastric Band Surgery Candidates

Gastric band surgery is right for you, however, there are some criteria that most Doctors use when making that decision.

In a recent interview with a bariatric lap band surgeon in Belgium, he told me that he concluded that this was probably due to the fact that there had recently been more discussion on Obesity and the way it effects individuals lives. He additionally said that another reason for the escalation in request from Great Britain was because of the extended waiting time for obesity surgery on the NHS since the recent cut backs announced by the Government in the UK.

These Cut backs are now making a big difference to the availability of all types of weight loss surgery, especially gastric band and gastric bypass surgery as these were expensive to conduct in UK Hospitals.

With the ever ever increasing ease of access from most parts of Great Britain, it now makes it perfectly acceptable to travel to Belgium at a legitimate cost.

Many of the clinics specialising in lap band surgery in Private hospitals In Belgium and France are experiencing an Increase in lap band Surgery requests from Great Britain and because Belgium and France are convenient locations and have easy access from many UK airports, Cross Chanel ferries or rail networks, including the Chanel tunnel. This means that travelers can gain access to France and Belgium by most methods of transport. With the advent of Low cost direct flights to many Cities in Europe flying to local airports in Belgium has become especially attractive.

There are also many hospitals in France such as Calais, Normandy, Paris, and even as far afield as Nice which welcome visitors from Great Britain and Ireland.

All of the Surgeons in the these European Hospitals are Highly Qualified and welcome visitors from the UK and Ireland who are highly motivated to follow the diet and fitness guidelines that accompany gastric lap band surgery for long-term weight loss.

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